£50/£75 Off £250 Hilton Spend – Have Another Look

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A few weeks back, Amex rolled out a very generous £75 off a £250 Hilton deal onto a fairly random assortment of credit cards. Some got Hilton deals on some cards, others got Hilton deals on all their cards, while certain Amex cardholders got nothing.

hilton deals

In my case, the £75 off £250 Hilton deal appeared on my standard Amex Gold credit card, but wasn’t on either my BA Amex or my Amex Preferred Rewards Gold credit card.

hilton deals

Got nothing? Have another look

However, the offer has just been reloaded to a number of cards, albeit at the slightly less generous rate of £50 off a £250 spend. I have just received it to my Amex Gold Preferred Rewards card, which had been previously overlooked.

hilton deals

These Hilton deals are real Amex value

For a regular Hilton stayer like me, these deals really help me to get proper value from the Amex offering. Not only do I receive Hilton points, bonus Hilton points and Amex Membership Rewards points on the purchase, I’ll also get £75/£50 back. What’s more, the Hilton points will be calculated on the basis of the full stay cost, not the reduced amount.

Note also that the deal applies to cumulative spend, provided that spend is within the promo period.

What are the key terms?

You need to stay with Hilton by 15 May to benefit from this deal, and the likelihood is the discount only applies to stays paid at check-out, although people’s experiences here have differed (I’ve had no success using this particular Hilton deal with a prepaid rate).

hilton deals


  1. john browell says

    Thanks Miles, I also have it on my gold credit card now. James, the way I read it, cumulative spend across multiple stays would work. They don’t specify a single stay. And luckily for me my next work stay is already booked at one of the participating Aberdeen stays, and I also have an Edinburgh trip to book, so guess where I will be looking ?

  2. Sharat says

    Also it will work only if the stay is not pre paid! Hence only flexible online bookings – as they want you to pay the maximum rate: so do the maths first.

    • John says

      The terms say one £50 credit per card. So if you manage 2 lots of £250 spend in the timeframe, you can only get 1 £50 credit.
      And my stays will be work expenses so the cost will be irrelevant to me, not that work would ever allow me to spend £250 on a hotel.
      My Aberdeen stay is £81.

      Worst case is I have loaded it to my card and don’t get the credit, for stays I will be book in anyway.

  3. john browell says

    Just had my credit this week, after a total of 3 work stays, which exceeded the £250 spend threshold between them.

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