Tesco Statement Coming Soon – Check Your Virgin Atlantic Account for Your 1,000 Free Miles

Tesco Clubcard Vouchers

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Even though Tesco Clubcard has practically disappeared from a UK travel hackers bag of tricks, they can still be relied upon for 1,000 free miles from Virgin Atlantic Flying Club. Back in November I wrote about the latest opportunity to set your Tesco account to auto-convert and receive 1,000 free miles – click here to refresh your memory, even though you can no longer take advantage this cycle.

Although it took longer than normal, I noticed this morning that 1,000 miles had popped up in my Virgin Atlantic Flying Club account…

Now, it makes no sense at all to actually allow your Clubcard points to automatically convert to Virgin Atlantic miles. I’m not aware of any advantage of auto-converting to Flying Club miles. But you might lose out if there is no bonus in a given quarter. And of course you must be “opted out” – if you will – of Virgin Atlantic miles in order to opt-in again for another 1,000 miles… 😉

So, assuming that you also signed up for Auto Opt-In, it’s now time to check your Virgin account for those 1,000 miles, and to set your Clubcard settings back to vouchers. You should hurry, since the next Tesco statement cycle closes on 24 January I believe…

Hopefully the next Clubcard voucher cycle will repeat the same offer. I’ve done this so many times I must have received close to 20,000 free Virgin Atlantic miles from Tesco by now… How about you? Did you receive your 1,000 miles?


  1. 7wood says

    Set my account after your last mention. Spotted the credit on AwardWallet and reset my account yesterday!
    Thanks again.

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