10% Conversion Bonus and Yet Another 1,000 Free Miles from Virgin Atlantic / Tesco

Tesco Clubcard Vouchers

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InsideFlyer UK reader Tilly71 has tracked down confirmation of a 10% conversion bonus when Tesco Clubcard members convert their vouchers into Virgin Atlantic Flying Club miles. This bonus will run from 25 October until 14 December, 2018.

1 Tesco Clubcard point normally converts into 2.5 Virgin miles. During the period of this promotion, that becomes 2.75 miles, which you should receive all at once, usually within 24-48 hours of ordering the conversion on the Tesco Clubcard website.

You can find confirmation of this promotion on the Virgin Atlantic website by clicking here.

More interestingly for many, it appears that the 1,000 mile opt-in bonus is back again. Of course, you don’t ever want to automatically convert your Clubcard points into Virgin Atlantic Miles, especially since conversion bonuses aren’t guaranteed to happen every quarter.

What you want to do is:

  1. Step One, sign up for Auto Opt-In
  2. Step Two, wait for 1,000 miles to post to your Virgin Atlantic Flying Club account
  3. Step Three, turn OFF Auto Opt-In (make sure to do this well ahead of the next statement, which should be late October / early November 2018)

Setting up Auto Opt-In is simple. Simply log-in to your Tesco Clubcard account, visit the “Voucher Schemes” section of “Account Management”, choose “Virgin Atlantic Flying Club miles” and enter your Flying Club membership number. Don’t worry, any existing Clubcard vouchers will remain as vouchers and won’t be automatically converted.

If it still works – YMMV but it often does – you’ll receive 1,000 free miles at zero cost to you. Pay attention to InsideFlyer UK and I’ll even remind you when to turn off the Auto Opt-in – so that you receive vouchers instead of miles, and can earn 1,000 miles again and again…

I suspect that both British Airways and Virgin Atlantic have noticed a drop off in conversions of Tesco Clubcard points into miles, simply because Tesco have stopped handing out those bonus Clubcard points we loved so much. So these bonuses are a way of counteracting that – don’t forget that Avios also has a bonus offer for Tesco conversions and that might work better for you than Virgin Atlantic miles.


  1. Tilly71 says

    To be fair, the official updated link was posted by someone elsewhere but felt readers of IF would be interested. I did however take one for the club yesterday and redeemed a voucher to see if the 10% was working or not for everyone.
    Time to put auto convert back on today…😃

    What’s the overall opinion of readers here on 10% bonus? It’s got to be well over a year since we last saw a decent conversion bonus from VA. If profits are good and people are still flying a lot then I believe they do not need to entice with bonuses so I’m in on this one.
    Probably be a 20% bonus in three months time now I said that…

    • Craig Sowerby says

      I rarely read “elsewhere” these days, as I’d rather just write my own stuff than be “inspired” by what I’ve read. However a few things I’ve written recently do seem to have provided inspiration elsewhere. 😉 And I’m not stingy with HTs so you get one, even if you found it elsewhere…

      As for 10%, I’d probably put it as “great if you need VS miles, but not worth speculatively converting”, especially if Avios is coming back round to promos.

  2. Tilly71 says

    The official updated link was found on another site but not published as part of the article but a post reply by a member so I think that was fine to share.
    Thanks for the HT..

      • Tilly71 says

        It was in the Public Domain so no unofficial rights over it anyway. I hope you havnt been winding anyone up with your article comments recently?

  3. Conrad Gauthier says

    Should I do the auto opt in today or will I risk having my points be converted to Virgin miles while I wait for the 1000 miles?

    • Craig Sowerby says

      I think you’d be OK. My Tesco account says I have until January 2019 to earn miles for the next statement cycle. (implying that the last cycle is done – but I only have a couple of Tesco points so no vouchers for me this quarter)

      But there’s no harm in waiting a few days longer.

  4. David says

    Hi there

    Do you think we will ever see any 20% transfer bonuses to Virgin again?

    How about future Transfer bonuses to BA?

    I was told that Topcashback did 25% transfer bonuses to BA but I have not seen any part from the same 5%


  5. Tilly71 says

    Didn’t we see a 20% bonus conversion using auto convert recently from BA?
    Not the same as only applicable to vouchers earnt that Q but none the less promising for future bonuses.

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