Fancy A Suite At The Luxury 5* Banyan Tree Bangkok? – Here’s How To Book It For Less…

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A couple of weeks ago, I wrote about an excellent deal at the Radisson Blu Plaza Bangkok being offered by Secret Escapes. The rate itself was good, but not exceptional – the real value was in all the free extras that were included. The Radisson Blu is a nice looking 5* hotel, but if you’re in Bangkok (one of the best markets in the world for affordable luxury hotels), why not spend a little more for a ‘proper’ luxury hotel?… Step forward the Banyan Tree Bangkok!

Headline rates at the Radisson were between £92-£121 per night, whereas headline rates (via Secret Escapes – available until the end of this week) at the Banyan Tree clock in at £162, but look at what you get for your money:

  • Accommodation in a One-Bedroom suite
  • Breakfast included in the Club Lounge
  • Club Lounge access
  • Express check-in and check-out
  • Refreshments served with light snacks
  • Free-flow of local beer
  • Happy hour served with canapes
  • Daily pre-selected cocktail at Saffron Sky Garden
  • A signature Thai Tapas plate at Saffron Sky Garden
  • Laundry and pressing services up to two pieces per day
  • Daily THB 1,500 (~£35) massage credit per person

Bear in mind this is a proper Suite with a separate living room, not a Junior Suite.

These rooms usually sell for £250+ per night once you include tax, so being able to get one for £162 (with additional perks thrown in) is a great deal, but we can do even better…

How to book the Banyan Tree Bangkok for less

Secret Escapes offers new users £15 off their first booking of £100+, if they sign up via a referral link (this one is mine and I’m much obliged if you choose to use it – but please feel free to leave your own in the comments too if you like), therefore knocking the price here down to £147 per night

That’s not the end of the story though. The person who refers you also gets £25 credit after you make your first booking and that opens up a very interesting opportunity…

First, sign up through a referral link (but don’t book anything yet!), and then refer your travel companion using your own ‘refer a friend’ link generated from your account, so each account has £15.00 credit.

Next, book the first night using the second person’s Secret Escapes account, and they will be charged £147 (£162 – £15 credit = £147).

At this point, an additional £25 credit will be automatically added to the first person’s account, for referring their partner who has now made a booking.

Finally, book the second night using the original account, which should now have £40 credit in it (£15 + £25, do check it has been credited properly first), and you will be charged £122.00 (£162  – £40 credit).

You have effectively created your own £55 sign up bonus, compared to just joining normally and booking 2 nights.

In total, your two nights will cost £269.00 rather than £324.00.  

If you tried to book direct with Banyan Tree instead, you’d likely be looking at bill in excess of £500, so this is a very substantial saving.

Bottom line

Secret Escapes’ rates aren’t always amazing, but quite often there really are some superb offers available. I liked this one so much, I booked it myself!

Anyone else tempted?


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