What Sort of Plug Adaptor Do I Need In… (2-Min Travel Tip)

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One of the most common last-minute panic moments I have when packing a bag tor a trip abroad is, “what sort of plug adaptor do I need for this country?”. I’m sure I’m not the only one who frequently finds themselves rummaging through drawers at the last minute, comparing increasingly weird looking plug ends.

Given how reliant most people are on technology these days, it really is important to bring the right adaptor. You might think that you can just borrow one from the hotel (often you can), but sometimes you can’t. Or, you might intend to pick one up when you arrive, but if you’re arriving at night, that doesn’t help with the urgent call you need to make or email you need to send.

‘Universal’ adaptors are a possibility of course, but only if you can work out how to actually use the damn things properly. I’ve spent hours of my life messing about with various ones, with very mixed results.

The only thing more annoying than forgetting to bring an adaptor at all, is bringing the wrong type – and it can be more challenging than you might expect to match exactly the type required to what you already have:

I was therefore pleased to recently come across an article over on SkyScanner that lays out, simply and clearly, exactly which type of adaptor you need for every country in the world (ok, I didn’t check every country – but North Korea and Norfolk Island, population 2,169, are both listed, so it looks pretty comprehensive).

I won’t publish the whole list here, but instead recommend you bookmark the SkyScanner page here for future reference.


  1. Steve says

    The best tip around adapters is to take a UK multi plug with you, so you just need one adapter, but can plug in lots of devices into your multi plug.

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