Don’t Book a British Airways Paid Flight Without Checking This First

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At InsideFlyer UK, we usually only write about “Part Pay With Avios” when a promotional offer comes along. The reason for this is pretty simple. Conventional wisdom suggests that Avios are roughly worth 1p and PPWA hasn’t traditionally reached those levels. So it would only make sense for a savvy travel hacker to use Part Pay With Avios when an offer boosts the value – and BA typically promotes those offers when available. As a result, many BA passengers – myself included – would skim rapidly through the purchase process on without pausing to review each offer being put in front of our eyes (hotels, car rentals, etc.)

Recently I was checking prices for a BA flight and noticed that the purchase process had changed slightly. Part Pay With Avios is now more prominent but, more importantly, it is possible to achieve that sought-after 1p per Avios. Here’s what you should see when booking a paid BA flight on

One-way from London to Continental Europe

Return Flights Between London and Continental Europe

Return Flights Between London and North America

Part Pay With Avios isn’t so lucrative when departing from Continental Europe, as that 1p becomes 1 euro cent. (0.9p)

I Know, I Know…

I know. The numbers are tiny. A £10 savings for spending 1,000 Avios is almost irrelevant. But that never stopped you from buying 2,000 Avios from Groupon in Spain for 19 euros… 😉

But the big advantage of receiving a 1p value through Part Pay With Avios VERSUS just booking a reward flight and receiving 1p per Avios is:

  • You are booking a paid flight, so there is no concern about award availability
  • You will be earning Avios for your paid flight – the higher your status, the more Avios you’ll earn
  • You will be earning Tier Points for your paid flight

So… the next time you are booking a paid flight on British Airways, you should consider clicking that little button and saving £5/£10/£20 for a small outlay of Avios out of your massive stash…


  1. BJ says

    The downside is that very few people will be buying a flexible flight while redemptions are flexible for only £35. On the routes I fly to Asia from EDI with BA I cannot exceed 1ppa in CW even using a Lloyds or amex voucher exINV when comparing to the miles earning cash flights on others carriers. Thus, ignoring flexibility, PPWA at the rates you describe is a good deal for me. They probably are for many others too, I believe many jump through multiple hoops to convince themselves they are getting a good deal from collecting avios to spend on flights when the real winner is IAG.

    • Craig Sowerby says

      I generally agree with you. Booking long-haul returns on BA is a poor use of Avios in most scenarios.

      “Flexible for £35” is very true, although I’ve spent thousands on change and cancellation fees over my lifetime. 🙁

  2. Daniel says

    I recently used PPWA and found it to be very worthwhile, my wife and I are travelling to the USA for a bit. I used PPWA to spend 4,000 Avios and save £40 off our flights. With me earning 8,913 Avios for the flights we have booked and her earning 2,971, it seems like a win-win to me; cheaper flights and still coming out with an Avios profit.

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