Iberia Plus Bonus Avios Are Arriving…

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Just a quick note to inform readers…  the bonus Avios from the recent promotion are now arriving into accounts.

Hopefully you already h a plan for using them… Good luck!


  1. James says

    Thinking I’ll use them for a trip to Columbia so I can kick everyone I meet and then plead innocence when they complain !!!!!!!!!!!

  2. TripleB says

    Interestingly (but unsurprisingly) moving Avios from IB to BA isn’t working. Not through IB, not through Avios and not through BA. I’ve got some IB miles in the account from a previous groupon offer and I can’t even move just these miles. Will give it a few days and try again…

    • Craig Sowerby says

      Thanks for the data point. I hadn’t thought to try it…

      Where does it error out for you? I can get all of the way to the final step, but I don’t want to tempt fate and move my remaining bonus Avios.

      • IC says

        Errors out at the final page when you click on “combine”. It seems like they’ve disabled the functionality – whether you try to transfer to BA OR Avios.

        • Craig Sowerby says

          I suppose I’m not surprised. The whole idea of an account going minus 90K didn’t seem workable.

          Now we need a data point from one of InsideFlyer’s readers who skipped the promo entirely, to test whether the whole Combine Your Avios functionality has been shut down, or just those with promo Avios to spend.

          • Mous says

            90k received but it was a struggle to transfer Avios out of BA to Iberia to top up accounts. Both Iberia and BA system were not responding at first. All sorted and successfully booked 2 one way MAD to Tokyo Business class after U.K. Easter bank holiday. Fantastic!!! Thanks

          • IC says

            Update: transfer from BA > Iberia working again. Iberia > BA seems to be disabled? That doesn’t make me feel very secure about the long term future of IB points for us UK residents …

  3. 108 says

    “You transferred 500 Avios from Iberia Plus to Avios.” – still works. I skipped this promo…

  4. Luke says

    My avios still haven’t appeared. Should I be worried? Who can I call/chase up to resolve this?

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