Swiss FIRST CLASS From Just ~£1,435! Dubai, Bangkok, Hong Kong, Cape Town, Rio De Janeiro, Etc

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Swiss is currently offering some some superb First Class fares from various European cities to a large range of destinations – note that it’s a ‘partner sale’ so you must book for 2 people. Fares start at ~£1435 per person, or ~£2870 per couple!

The best fares seem to be from Stockholm, but there are also excellent fares available from Oslo, Helsinki and Copenhagen too. You can book for dates all the way through to the end of April 2019, with different availabilities depending on the destination.


Prices per person:

  • Dubai from ~£1,435
  • Bangkok from ~£1,670
  • Beijing from ~£1,670
  • Shanghai from ~£1,670
  • Delhi from ~£1,825
  • Hong Kong from ~£1,950
  • Singapore from ~£1,950
  • Mumbai from ~£1,950
  • Nairobi from ~£1,950
  • Rio de Janeiro (Lufthansa) from ~£1,950
  • Sao Paulo from ~£1,950
  • Cape Town (Lufthansa) from ~£1,955
  • Johannesburg from ~£1,955
  • Buenos Aires (Lufthansa) from ~£2,120

 Swiss First Class

Swiss has 3 different types of First Class, depending on the type of aircraft your flight is on. The oldest product is installed on the Airbus A340 and a slightly newer one on the Airbus A330. All SWISS First cabins have 8 seats in a 1-2-1 configuration.

SWISS First Class Partner Special

The Boeing 777 has the latest First Class product installed. These are suites that can be locked with a door if desired.

SWISS First Class Partner Special

Any flight in Swiss First Class is going to be great though!

Bottom line

Spending £1430+ per person on flights is obviously a lot of money, but these fares are some of the best I can remember seeing for Swiss First Class – a product that is generally quite hard to redeem Miles for too.

Anyone tempted?


  1. Tom says

    This might well be the cheapest legitimate LX F fare for about 5 years, thanks for flagging! When LX first started doing these two for x deals they often worked for individual bookings too through some platforms but they seem to have tightened up the rules recently, assume no luck this time?

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