Is the 50% Rebate Back??? + £15 Credit For Everyone

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I’ve written before about the generous (up to) 50% rebate offer, in association with American Airlines, that sometimes crops up.

The way it normally works is that you click through a specific link and will see a popup at the bottom of the screen showing the offer details: ~£30 ($40) back when you spend ~£60+ ($80).

What you normally see with this offer.

The problem is that when you click through the link this time, there is no popup box. Despite that, Flyertalk, The Gate and YHBU are reporting that the offer might be back, because American Airlines is proactively advertising it.

Personally, I’m not convinced (yet) and wouldn’t fancy fighting in order to get the rebate. One of the peculiarities of these offers is that rather than discounting the amount charged before you pay, you pay the full amount and then get a refund for whatever the promotion offered back to your card later – so there is a clear risk here.

That said, if you would be making a reservation through anyway, then it might be worth trying.

Note that the usual rules for these sort of promotions would presumably apply, “Participants may only receive Incentive Bonuses from a maximum of 3 different campaigns per year, including Refer-a-Friend campaigns”. If you have already used 3 similar credit links in the past year, I would suggest setting up a new account or booking using you travel companion’s account.

£15 rebate for everyone

Rather than dealing with the potential hassle/failure of the above, perhaps a better idea would be to simply sign up to using a referral link which gets you a £15 rebate (this is ours, but please feel free to leave your own in the comments!)

£15 back isn’t as good as ~£30, but at least you should definitely receive it and the minimum spend is only £30, so it’s still potentially 50% off, if you can find somewhere cheap.


I think the ~£30 ($40) rebate looks quite high-risk at the moment, but at least the £15 refer a friend bonus is still available


  1. Craig Sowerby says

    The process of getting the rebate from is really quite weird, but it ultimately worked out fine for me for a recent stay.

    Will be keeping my eyes open for this $40 offer to go live…

  2. Kamen says

  3. ViSa says

    Spend over US $ 50, get US $ 25 back:

    10% refund (US$65 minimum reservation)

    € 17 (£ 15) / more than € 33.56 (£ 30) Hotel reservation
    € 15.8 (CAD 25) / more than € 31.52 (CAD 50) Hotel reservation
    € 15.7 (AUD 25) / more than € 31.45 (AUD 50) Hotel reservation
    € 15.4 (¥ 2,000) / more than € 30.81 (¥ 2,000) Hotel reservation
    € 15 / superior € 30 Hotel reservation
    € 14.2 (THB 550) / more than € 28.41 (THB 1100) Hotel reservation
    € 14.2 (RUB 1000) / more than € 28.40 (RUB 2000) Hotel reservation
    € 12.5 (R $ 50) / more than € 24.96 (R $ 100) Hotel reservation
    € 12 ($ 15) / more than € 24.12 ($ 30) Hotel reservation
    € 12 (PLN 50) / higher € 24,02 (PLN 100) Hotel reservation
    € 11 (TWD 400) / more than € 22.01 (TWD 800) Hotel reservation
    € 8.6 (Rs. 700) / more than € 17.52 (Rs.1400) Hotel reservation

  4. T_R_A_V_E_L says

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