How to get an Effective 25% Discount on Norwegian Air Flights

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We regularly flag Norwegians’ excellent long haul fares from London, but I’ve been having a closer look at Norwegians’ ‘Flex’ fares recently too. Although they are more expensive than the lowest fares, the level of flexibility offered is phenomenal for the price (something I’ll return to at a later date) and particularly useful for business travellers. I also realised that it’s also possible to get an effective 25%  discount on Norwegian Flex fares too, which helps take the sting out considerably!

Norwegian Flex fares

Norwegians’ Flex fare offer tremendous value for money – if you need a flexible ticket. In particular, you usually want to look at Premium Flex, as that gets you a big seat and all the extras that come with sitting in the Premium cabin, for only slightly more than the cost of an Economy Flex ticket.

Norwegian Premium

One of the additional benefits of Flex fares, is that they offer 20% back in Norwegian Reward Cashpoints, as opposed to the standard 2% for non flex fares.

Didn’t you say a 25% discount on Norwegian?

I did!

Ok, technically speaking it’s more a rebate than a discount – but the 25% is correct.

You see, when you spend Cashpoints, you still earn Cashpoints back at exactly the same rate as if you were paying with money. Let’s crunch some numbers to show you what I mean.

Flight 1: Norwegian Premium Flex ticket costs £600. You therefore earn 20% (£120) back in Cashpoints.

Flight 2: You then use those Cashpoints towards another Premium Flex ticket – and earn 20% back in Cashpoints, on the £120 element which was paid for with Cashpoints (obviously you earn Cashpoints as normal on the proportion you paid for with money too, but that’s a separate issue). 20% of £120 = £24 (or 20% of 20% = 4%, if you prefer).

Flight 3: You then use the £24 of Cashpoints towards another Premium Flex flight, and earn 20% back again on that – so £4.80 (or 20% of 4% = 0.8%).

Add your rebates together, and you’ll have effectively got £148.80 worth of Cashpoints (24.8%) in reality from your first flight, rather than £120 (20%).

Obviously the process carries on ad infinitum, but the amounts become tiny – Flight 4 would see you get back 20% of 0.8%, which is 0.2%. That rounds you up to a straight 25% rebate, and there’s not much point working it out beyond that really.

Bottom line

If you book Flex fares and are likely to travel at least 2-3 more times with Norwegian after a particular flight, your Cashpoints from that flight effectively get stretched from 20% to 25%!

Not a bad discount on Norwegian at all, bearing in mind the fares are usually very good anyway.

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