Flash Sale: 30% extra miles on hotel bookings

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Via a seven day flash sale, you can currently earn a 30% miles/points bonus when booking hotels with Kaligo.

kaligo bonus

We’ve covered Kaligo several times before. In short, they offer air miles from a range of frequent flyer programmes, when you book hotels through their website.

Depending on the hotel, room cost and loyalty programme selected, you can sometimes get a sizeable haul of miles for a hotel you were going to book anyway. Obviously, that gets 30% better with a 30% bonus.

How to benefit from the Kaligo bonus

To benefit from this Kaligo bonus, you need to sign up here (if you haven’t already) and then book through the flash sale portal here. You then need to book your hotel stays between today and 31 October 2017  for check-in dates between today and 31 December 2018.

The great thing about this Kaligo bonus is that it applies to all the loyalty schemes they are affiliated with, so whichever one you choose, you’ll get 30% bonus miles with.

The bonus offer is also available to both new and existing Kaligo members.

What’s the downside to booking hotels with Kaligo?

Basically, the rates Kaligo charges are almost always higher than you can find elsewhere – sometimes substantially higher. BUT – it can still make sense to book with Kaligo if you look at the value of the effective rebate you’re receiving in miles. Always a difficult valuation to make, but Craig’s post here should be of use.

It’s also worth remembering that it’s quite easy to get a 15%-20%+ discount/rebate most of the time through cashback sites and Hotels.com etc, so make sure you do your calculations carefully.

Sites like Kaligo work very well for business travellers, who can often charge the full cost of their room back to their companies, while keeping the miles as a personal benefit. On this front, Kaligo will even give you a “miles-free” receipt.

If you are booking chain hotels (Hilton, Marriott, etc) through Kaligo you won’t earn hotel points or status credits and probably won’t receive status benefits.

There is potential value to be had with this Kaligo bonus, but do your homework. Always compare prices on hotelscombined trivago etc, and consider the discounts/rebates you can get by booking with other sites.

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