Biz Class to China for ~£800!

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Just a quick deal for a Friday lunchtime – Business Class flights to China starting at £802!

The very cheapest option seems to be Warsaw to Chengdu, but there are plenty of similar options from Krakow and possibly other European cities, to Xiamen and Hangzhou as well as Chengdu.

Secret Flying has a bunch of example dates, but you’re basically looking at November 2017 through to early February 2018.

Now, I’m not going to pretend these are the most convenient routings I’ve ever seen, but if you want to lie down on the long flights you’ll struggle to find a better price. KLM Business Class isn’t world-beating, but it’s really not bad:

I don’t live in Warsaw…

I know, me neither.

Getting to Warsaw is extremely cheap and easy from most of the UK though. It should be possible to find flights using SkyScanner for ~£50 Return. It wouldn’t be top of my ‘must visit’ list, but Warsaw is well worth a quick look if you have time to stay overnight and hotel rates are very, very reasonable.

Craig’s excellent post on the potential perils of ‘positioning’ flights and how to mitigate them is always worth a read when thinking about starting a trip from outside the UK.

What Miles can I earn?

The flights I looked at book into Z bucket, so I would recommend crediting them to either Flying Blue (250% of flown Miles), or possibly Alaska Mileage Plan (125% of flown Miles).

Depending on your exact routing, flown Miles should be in the region of 12,000, so you would earn ~18,000 Alaska Miles, or 30,000 Flying Blue Miles. Given the high value I place on Alaska Miles, I’d have a tough time deciding between which to take. Either way, it’s a substantial rebate on an £800 flight!

Bottom line

~£800 for Return Business Class to China with a decent quality airline is an excellent price. The Miles you would earn are a nice sweetener too.


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