Airberlin to Leave Oneworld on 28 Oct, new topbonus status match offer

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Regular readers will remember our posts here at InsideFlyer on the bankruptcy of German airline airberlin. All flight operations will cease on 27 October 2017, and whilst we could see this coming, oneworld announced only yesterday that airberlin is to exit the oneworld alliance on 28 October. According to the press release:

“airberlin will cease participating in the oneworld® alliance with effect from the close of business on 27 October 2017, following the filing by Air Berlin PLC & Co. Luftverkehrs KG’s (“airberlin”) for the opening of insolvency proceedings over its assets.”

This will also apply to NIKI:

“airberlin’s affiliate NIKI – which joined oneworld alongside airberlin in March 2012 – will no longer fly as part of oneworld at the same time.”

Frequent flyer benefits such as lounge access will continue to be granted until 27 October. You can read the full press release here.

New Topbonus status match opportunities for airberlin elites

Interestingly, the press release also lists current oneworld status match opportunities for airberlin elites. We have written about them before:

There is one we appear to have missed, however. Royal Jordanian has also started offering a status match. It is more of a status challenge in reality because you will only be match after you have taken your first trip on Royal Jordanian. Here are the details:

 You can access the promotion page here.

Bottom line – which status match should you go for?

It is sad to see airberlin go. If you are an airberlin status holder, there is nothing in theory that could stop you from taking advantage of all these status matches. But some are clearly more attractive than others.

  • BA for instance will only match you to Bronze (oneworld Ruby), even if you currently hold a higher oneworld status through airberlin.
  • Iberia and Finnair will match you to Sapphire, which will get you into lounges, and it appears that Royal Jordanian will match you to their oneworld Emerald status level equivalent in their own scheme.
  • Unless you have a trip planned with Royal Jordanian and unless you are a top-tier airberlin status holder, you are probably better off focusing on the Finnair or Iberia Plus offers because these are straight status matches rather than status challenges. You are thus not required to fly on either carrier before your new status is activated. Both Finnair and Iberia will also match you to oneworld Sapphire, which will get you lounge access. If you are interested in Avios, focus on Iberia. Remember you can move Avios from Iberia Plus over to BA and the platform via ‘Combine my Avios’.

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