BA Flash Sale LAST CHANCE – Flights from £30, Biz Class £79

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The current BA Flash Sale is slated to finish at midnight tonight (19th September 2017), so if you’re looking for a British Airways short-haul bargain now is the time.

There are LOTS of destinations available to/from London Gatwick (the image below just shows a handful),

Some fares are even slightly cheaper than the £30 mark that has featured heavily in the advertising:

There are some very reasonable Business Class (Club Europe) fares on offer too, though I was sadly unable to find any real availability for the £43 Inverness flights:

Bottom line

With Ryanair generating little but negative press at the moment, I suspect the BA flash sale has probably gone pretty well!


  1. Tom says

    Had an exchange with BA on Twitter about those cheap Inverness Club fares. Not particularly impressed, granted I never expected them to be so cheap in the first place.

  2. Richard G says

    This probably seems like an obvious question… but I assume it’s just the destinations that have “sale” on them that have sale prices? I ask mostly because none of the places I’m planning on going have that graphic, but you’ve included Inverness above, and that doesn’t either.

    • Tom says

      Yes, only those marked Sale, although some are around those prices already anyway.

      This is because the sale is an ex-Gatwick sale, so only certain routes.

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