(BREAKING) Ryanair Cancels 2000+ Flights Over Next 6 Weeks… and You Won’t Believe the Reason Why!

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Ryanair has just announced that they will be cancelling more than 2,000 flights between now and the end of October.

The reason given for such a dramatic move… to “improve punctuality”!

Seriously – in case you think I’m having a bit of fun on a Friday night, you can see the image below and go and have a read of the full statement yourself here.

The 2000 flights correspond to between 40-50 daily flights over the next 6 weeks. The stated reason is that punctuality has fallen below 80%. This comes after Ryanair recently announced that they would significantly change their baggage rules and prices to ensure timely departure.


Ryanair says that customers affected by the canceled flights will be contacted and offered a full refund or assistance with rebooking.

We still do not know which departures are impacted, so if you are planning to fly with Ryanair soon it would be a good idea to keep a close eye on your flights.

Bottom line

I almost admire the brazen cheek…


      • Craig Sowerby says

        Because we haven’t sold enough seats on these flights we’ll cancel them and come up with excuses that some people might believe…

        If there was money to be made, Ryanair would manage to pay the affected staff extra cash in lieu of annual leave. In the medium term they would also hire more staff…

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