Receive 100 Free Miles for Watching a Video

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Free miles are always fun! Of course, many InsideFlyer UK readers won’t be interested in Aeroplan, the frequent flyer programme associated with Air Canada (until 2020 at least). But if you happen to be a member, earning 100 free miles is ideal for extending the life of any existing miles you might have – since Aeroplan miles expire after 12 months of no account activity.

As mentioned, all you need to do is watch this video and answer two simple questions about it. You can click here to reach the promotional landing page.


Once you’ve watched the video and answered the two questions, you simply enter your Aeroplan number. The 100 miles should arrive in 6-8 weeks (so be aware of that if you are counting on these miles to extend the expiration date on any existing miles).

If you aren’t already a member of Aeroplan, I certainly wouldn’t bother opening an account just to bank 100 free miles. The history is long and complicated, but the parent company of Aeroplan is independent (and also happens to own Nectar in the UK) after being spun-out of Air Canada a few years ago. Aeroplan has a contract to act as the frequent flyer programme for Air Canada, but this will be cancelled in 2020 so that Air Canada can set up its own frequent flyer programme.

What this means for Aeroplan is uncertain, but those Canadians with lots of Aeroplan miles are certainly wondering what redemption opportunities will be available in 2020 and beyond. If you pay attention to the video, you’ll see that Aeroplan appear to be market testing different options…

Anyhow, 100 free miles for Aeroplan members, and click bait for everybody else. Enjoy 🙂

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