My Favourite Regular Hotel Discount – 30% Off IHG Partner Rate (Open to Everyone)

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With the unfortunate demise of Accor’s ‘Happy Monday’ rates, and Club Carlson’s 2-for-1 / 4-for-2 offers now scarcely a distant memory, the IHG Partner rate is my favourite regular hotel discount these days.

It may not be quite as exciting as the other rates I mentioned, but it does have one distinct advantage: it still exists!

There are actually a variety of IHG Partner rates, but they all basically get you the same thing – a discount that’s usually better than any particular sale (certainly better than rubbish ‘flash sales‘) that IHG happens to be offering at any given time.

I tend to recommend using the Mastercard Partner Rate as there’s not ‘officially’ a requirement to be part of a club or anything, beyond having a Mastercard. In reality, you can book using any card and I’ve never been asked to flash a Mastercard at check-in.

That link still lists the Mastercard terms and conditions, but doesn’t actually seem to pull up the discounted rates anymore (as of July 2019), so use this link instead 

Technically there are actually two separate rates offered and both only apply to hotels in Europe:

IHG Partner Rate – 30% off

Applies to Crowne Plaza, Hotel Indigo, Holiday Inn, Holiday Inn Express and Staybridge Suites hotels.

The official terms state the following:

  1. 30% off Best Flex represents a minimum saving of 30% off our Best Flexible rate per room, per night for two adults sharing a standard double/twin room (inclusive of VAT).
  2. Bookings must be made at least 21 days in advance of first night of stay.
  3. Offer available for stays on Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights (with some limited midweek availability – please check when booking).

Note that IHG Partner rate bookings are non-refundable, so IHG comparing the discount to the Flexible rate isn’t really fair. The fact is though, that it is almost always the cheapest rate available, so although the ‘real’ discount may not be 30%, it’s still a good deal.

Midweek availability actually tends to be a lot better than the terms above suggest.

20% off (includes breakfast)

Applies to Intercontinental and Kimpton hotels.

Key terms:

  1. Partner rate 20% off represents a minimum saving of 20% off our Best Flexible rate per room, per night for two adults sharing a standard double/twin room (inclusive of VAT).
  2. Reservation includes room and breakfast for up to 2 guests.
  3. Bookings must be made at least 21 days in advance of first night of stay.
  4. Booking must include a Friday or Saturday night.

How to book using the IHG Partner Rate

It’s extremely simple – just head to the IHG website via this link (bookmark the page!) and book as normal.

To be safe, you should also then print off one of these vouchers here and fill it in. Just write ‘Mastercard’ for the company/organisation asked for on it.

I’ve only ever been asked to show the voucher once or twice, despite using the rate countless times, but better safe than sorry!


I use the 30% discount rate all the time and it really does provide a consistently good saving.

My absolute favourite hotel for completing my ‘Accelerate’ targets, at the same time as soaking up some (very cheap!) winter sun, is the Holiday inn Algarve. As you can see, using an IHG Partner Rate can save you a few extra quid even when the price is already extremely reasonable:

Lowest standard rate:

IHG Partner Rate:

In more expensive locations you can save significantly more money – London provides many great examples:

Lowest standard rate:

IHG Partner Rate:

Lowest standard rate:

IHG Partner Rate:

Will I still earn Points?

Yep – no problem at all!

Bottom line

Using the IHG Partner Rate to save money on your hotel stays is simple, easy and effective – don’t forget to take a look and see how much it could save you next time you’re booking an IHG hotel!

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  1. Richard says

    this rate has dissappeared – the website says it has ended 🙁
    Hertz is still a partner but not sure what you need to get that deal.

    • Joe Deeney says

      Hi Richard – yep, the old link doesn’t seem to be working properly anymore, so I’ve updated it with one which does. Using the Hertz one should also be fine – just sign up to Hertz Gold Plus.

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