£791 BUSINESS CLASS Return Europe to Asia! – New Qatar Airways Sale Highlights

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Another day, another Qatar sale: this time with Business Class Return flights from Europe to Asia, starting at just £791. Check out our pick of the Qatar Airways sale highlights below:

Moscow – Ho Chi Minh City: £791

Amazing price! Availability appears to be excellent from now all the way through next year too.

You can book directly on the Qatar Airways site here.

Moscow isn’t the easiest starting point, but getting there might not be quite as difficult as you think – you can book an Avios Reward Flight Saver and Easyjet fly there too (though not to Domodedovo Airport).

Larnaca – Kuala Lumpur (Qatar and Sri Lankan): £945

To get the best price you need to mess around a bit on European online travel agencies.

The good news is, you can get similar pricing on the UK version of Kayak if you don’t fancy the hassle:

Again, availability looks superb well into next year.

Easier options

If the starting points for those two are a little exotic, there are also some very solid fares available from Prague, including:

Cape Town for ~£1,235  

Tokyo for ~£1,235

Availability is definitely patchier for these.

Don’t forget there are also the very good fares we flagged a few days ago from Italy and Scandinavia.

Bottom line

Given the frequency of Qatar’s sales, it would be easy to become a bit blasé about them.

It’s worth taking a step back every now and again to remember just how stonkingly good some of these fares are. It doesn’t hurt that Qatar offers one of the best Business Class products in the sky, and you can can earn a stack of BA Avios and Tier Points too.

You can also earn QUADRUPLE Miles for Qatar flights at the moment!

Hat-tip: Flyertalk


  1. James says

    Moscow may well be on the European continental tectonic plate but its a bit of a stretch to say this is a flight from Europe !
    I guess strictly its correct but no one really thinks of Russia as in Europe.

    Beware the visa costs and timescales, they aren’t cheap or quick.
    You can transit if you aren’t leaving the transit zone of the airport you fly into and its for less than 24hrs.
    Otherwise you will need a transit visa which gives you 3 days grace or a proper tourist visa.

    Enjoy though, just be aware.

    • Joe Deeney says

      Hmmm, I don’t know – I personally class SP and Moscow as Europe (geographically, culturally, historically, BA Reward Flight Saver 🙂 ). East of Moscow, admittedly not.

      Great point re visas!

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