Massive bonus – earn Easyjet flights through your eBay shop

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This one is a little indirect, so bear with me…

We’ve written before about the connection between Nectar and Easyjet. Every 500 Nectar points gets you £2.50 to spend on Easyjet flights (as an aside, you also earn 1 Nectar point per £1 cash you spend on Easyjet flights, provided that you book them through the Nectar portal).

You can also earn Nectar points when you spend on eBay. Ordinarily, you earn 1 Nectar point per £1 spend on eBay, but today only, you will earn an impressive 8 Nectar points, which given the value of Nectar points at a pretty fixed 0.5p, is a very solid 4% rebate on your eBay spend.

The offer continues beyond today, although it gets somewhat less generous as the days progress:

  • Today (9 June): 8 x Nectar points
  • 10 June: 7 x Nectar points
  • 11 June: 6 x Nectar points
  • 12 June: 5 x Nectar points
  • 13 June: 4 x Nectar points
  • 14 June: 3 x Nectar points
  • 15 June: 2 x Nectar points

Anything else? Yes – free cash or Avios

If you prefer hard cash to miles and points, don’t forget that, as an alternative to the above, you can earn 1% cashback on all your eBay purchases via TopCashback.

If you’re new to TopCashback, sign up through our exclusive link and get 1,050 bonus Avios for spending £10 at any retailer on the site – in addition to any standard cashback you would receive!

If you prefer cash, new sign ups to TopCashback who register via this link will get £10 cash for spending £10 or more at any merchant on the site.


  1. Mark L says

    I’d be grateful if an expert points collector would be kind enough to answer a query on the new nectar offer mentioned in your article:

    For previous bonus nectar offer periods, I’m pretty sure any bonus nectar were showing straight away on the eBay purchase screen.

    Today I’ve activated the bonus nectar offer and made a purchase on eBay but only standard nectar shown (not x8)

    Have I blundered somewhere in the process, or should I assume all is well and the additional nectar are just hidden this time around? My purchase was for car shampoox2 at a price of GBP19.96 paid with PayPal linked to eBay a/c.

    Thanks in advance.

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