Virgin Atlantic Publishes Terms for a Status Match Offer

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Virgin Atlantic have traditionally been a bit stingy with status matches, although I do recall when status matches were available onboard Virgin’s short-lived flights between Heathrow and Manchester / Scotland. The airline has returned with a formal status match programme, although the terms seem to leave much to the discretion of Flying Club staff.

Here is a chart showing the competitors that Virgin Atlantic are willing to status match.

In order to request a status match, you must e-mail [email protected] and provide the following:

  • A statement from your competing status (i.e. BA Executive Club)
  • Your Virgin Atlantic Flying Club number
  • Details of any future flights on Virgin Atlantic (for a Gold match, this flight must be booked in Premium Economy or Upper Class)

Most importantly, the competitor account statement (for most readers, this will be British Airways Executive Club) must show sufficient flights that, were you to switch those flights to Virgin Atlantic, you would be able to qualify / re-qualify for Gold/Silver.

This requirement is probably going to be trickier than it seems, particularly for those who undertake Tier Point Runs to Honolulu, Panama or Tallinn in order to reach Gold status (or those who achieve Silver status with a Qatar Airways discounted Business Class itinerary from Scandinavia) I imagine that Flying Club will decline the match if you cannot show a few direct transatlantic flights where you chose BA / AA over Virgin Atlantic.

If your request for a status match is approved, your upgraded status will be valid for 12 months.

You can read more about the status match opportunity by clicking here.

The timing of this offer is perfect, as there are undoubtedly several frequent flyers unimpressed with BA’s recent IT meltdown and contemplating taking their business elsewhere. The restrictions, however, mean that this status match isn’t particularly “travel hack-able”, but is aimed more at the London to New York frequent flyer…
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