Business Class to New York £880 Return!

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Premium transatlantic carrier La Compagnie is currently offering Return Flights in Business Class to New York from Paris for just ~ £880 (996 Euros) RETURN. Children can fly for even less – at just over £700 (800 Euros) per person.

You can book for dates between 3rd July – 27th August, so the offer covers almost the full Summer Holidays!

Availability looks good, with the promo fares available most days (at time of writing at least):

Is La Compagnie Business Class any good?

Pretty good, yes.

It’s not world-beating by any stretch of the imagination, but nothing on the transatlantic routes is to be honest. For the relatively short ~8 hour flights, it would be a very nice way to travel at an excellent price.

InsideFlyer UK contributor MilesFromBlighty has flown with them and was generally impressed by the experience – check out his his detailed La Compagnie review here.

For the loyalty scheme junkies, La Compagnie even has a frequent flyer programme, ‘MyCompagnie’. 

I don’t live in Paris…

Nope, me neither, but I love visiting!

Getting to Paris is cheap and easy from almost anywhere in the UK and a spending a night or two there on the way to New York sounds like a fantastic trip to me!

Craig wrote an excellent guide looking at ‘positioning’ yourself to take advantage of great fares, and how to minimise any potential pitfalls.

For people with tight schedules, I wouldn’t really recommend positioning, but if you can take an extra day or two off work, it can be a lovely way to squeeze two holidays into one!

Bottom line

Business Class to New York for ~£1,000 (including positioning costs) over the Summer Holidays is a very good price. If I didn’t already have an ultra cheap Economy flight on Norwegian booked to NYC this Summer, I might well have been tempted!

Have you travelled with La Compagnie before – how was it?

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