500 free Hilton Honors points – if you can say no firmly

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Part of Hilton’s enormous global business is its Hilton Grand Vacation arm, which is essentially a time share operation.

True to the timeshare spirit, Hilton are not shy in going for high pressure sales pitches when promoting Hilton Grand Vacations.

One of the ways of doing this is to sell you some (actually, often genuinely) fantastic holiday packages (think $700 or so for a week in Florida, plus park entrances etc) which however come with the need to sit through a “presentation” on Hilton Grand Vacations.

As the gateway to the above, Hilton are now offering many people (I have had several reports, and been involved in one myself) a call with the Hilton Grand Vacation sales team at the end of standard calls (e.g. ones re an ordinary hotel reservation).

The good news is, regardless of what happens in this call, you’ll get 500 free Hilton Honors points.

The other good news is that you will, actually, probably be offered a “too good to be true” (but it sort of is true) holiday deal with Hilton.

The bad news is that if you don’t want this deal (perhaps because you don’t want to go to a Hilton Grand Vacations sales pitch while on holiday), then you will have to be able to say no firmly, as rest assured the staff member on the other end of the phone is a slick salesperson, who is ruthlessly drilled in getting you to commit to that holiday. In my case, I interrupted his silky sales patter, said I absolutely wouldn’t be buying right now regardless of how attractive the offer, and he fairly abruptly finished the call.

I did, however, receive 500 Honors points in my account almost instantly.

So, if you fancy a relatively easy 500 Honors points (or, perhaps, a heavily discounted stay in a US Hilton…), then now may be the time to give Hilton a quick call. If you’re after the points alone, however, be prepared to be firm. 


  1. William says

    I spent about 1/2 hour on such a call, and ended up seduced. _and agreed to such a trip in their property in Scotland , handed over credit card details etc, but never got an email or any other details sent to me. The trip never happened. They didn’t apparently credit me one way or anything or debit my card. I can’t even remember when it was even due – I think it was last autumn.

    Anyway, all the to say: who on earth do you contact to try and chase this up with ? There’s nothing obvious contact point or is there ?

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