(GREAT FARE!) Biz Class to Singapore ~£897 and Other Gems in the New Qatar Airways Sale

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It’s a day with a “y” at the end, so there’s another great Qatar Airways sale!

The stand-out fare in my view this time is ~£897 for Business Class from Berlin to Singapore, but there are plenty of decent options.

Availability for that looks good for the next few months:

I find the best way to search is to use google flights to begin with, then head to the Qatar Airways site directly and put MASTERCARD into the promo code box before searching.

In the Berlin – Singapore example, using the MASTERCARD code knocks almost £100 off, so it’s well worth trying!

Oslo-Auckland: ~ £1485

Other Qatar sale highlights

  • Stockholm to Krabi – £1,121
  • Oslo to Maldives – £1,248
  • Helsinki to Krabi – £1,107
  • Helsinki to Dubai – £833
  • Frankfurt to Windhoek – £1,000
  • Berlin to Kuala Lumpur – £1,137
  • Berlin to Cape Town – £1,152
  • Berlin to Melbourne – £1,780

For some destinations the best fares are before the summer, while for others the best fares start in the Autumn – playing around on Google Flights is the quickest way to check.

Anything else?

Remember that you can earn a massive stack of Avios and (almost) qualify for British Airways Silver status by crediting these flights to British Airways Executive Club. We covered this in detail for the last sale – have a read because all the essential elements are the same even if the specific examples are different.

Qatar has also recently introduced a free stopover service including a night in Doha at a 4*-5* hotel.

Qatar Airways Sale Bottom line

Qatar Airways (generally) offers an extremely good Business Class product. When you factor in the Avios/Tier Points you can earn and the regularly great sale fares, it can be hard to beat!


  1. Adam says

    Qatar sale fares just seem to get better and better. Now with the new biz suite and the free stay over option as potentially part of the package how will BA ever compete…

    • Craig Sowerby says

      BA aren’t really competing for the business of travel hackers willing to position to Stockholm for flights to Asia stopping in the Middle East for a few hours or days!

      They are, however, taking advantage of business travelers who love their Avios and want to fly direct with a minimum of fuss… I wouldn’t be surprised if the next “enhancement” was to lower the number of Tier Points earned on partners.

    • Joe Deeney says

      Yeah, BA have (correctly to be honest) long given up on competing on product heading East. As long as they can fill planes with people who want direct flights and are ‘ok’ compared to AA/UA/Delta/etc, they won’t be too bothered by Qatar ex-eu fares. The bigger question (which I think they are beginning to recognise) is, is Ba still ‘ok’ compared to AA etc – I’m not totally convinced.

      • Craig Sowerby says

        Well BA and AA have the transatlantic revenue share deal, so I doubt BA care too much about what AA are doing. United’s new Polaris maybe, which I see the US bloggers rave about? But the good Doctor has put an end to United as a fearful competitor! Virgin Atlantic has had a better Business Class product for years IMO, and that didn’t really make a dent.

        I hate to admit it (because it used to be me) but many business types prefer BA for the Avios and Tier Points, which they then use on their holidays. And BA have moved aggressively to protect that market by cutting Avios in Economy to give them to the people flying in Business.

        • Joe Deeney says

          True – the reasons for the errr… ‘resilience’ of BA could be a good article actually.

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