Budget Bargains: 5 reasons why Hampton (by Hilton) hotels are better than Hilton hotels

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While technically the lower end “budget” option in the Hilton Worldwide portfolio, I set out here why I’m actually always delighted to be staying in a Hampton hotel. A feeling I don’t always get with the flagship Hilton brand…

1 The price

Not only do Hampton rooms regularly come in at substantially below the cost of the nearest Hilton, they are also an absolute bargain when booking with points. As they are generally within Category 1 or 2, you will rarely pay more than 5,000 or 10,000 points a night. While dependent on your exact location, even at 10,000 points you can end up with an absolute bargain.

The cash rates vary enormously, but as a general rule you’ll get very good value. Here’s a £78 night at the Hampton Docklands, which still compares very favourably in price to the good value Hilton Canary Wharf:

Don’t forget, too, that Hampton stays and nights count towards Honors status in the same way that Hilton stays do.

2 The consistency

One of my big issues with the Hilton (and to some degree, Conrad) brand is the enormous variance in quality. Whereas you can stay in seemingly 5 star luxury at one Hilton (the Hilton Malta springs to mind), you can similarly end up in a dark single-bedded room overlooking a bin yard in another. Some Hiltons will be immaculate, others won’t have had a makeover in 20 years (the Hilton Chicago, for me, is a classic example of a Hilton clinging on to faded grandeur).

hampton by hilton

Not so at the Hampton! Almost every Hampton you visit will be recently decorated, with a good quality bed and furnishings, A SWITCH THAT TURNS OFF ALL THE LIGHTS (the absence of which is probably my single biggest hotel frustration), a modest if functioning gym and a business centre.

I’ve never had that feeling of crushing disappointment on entering a Hampton room that I now all too often get at supposedly “high end” central London Hilton hotels.  Hiltons Euston and Paddington spring to mind here.

There’s free wifi for all, too.

3 The capacity

You can easily accommodate a family of 4 into one room with the copious sofa bed rooms at Hamptons. Try booking 2 adults and 2 children into a Hilton, and you’ll often be presented with nothing smaller/cheaper than a suite.

When you factor in the cheap rates available at Hamptons (not least the 5K points rate), bed and breakfast per head can sometimes work out comically cheap.

4 The “free” breakfast for everyone

While I slightly struggle with Hampton claiming that it offers a free breakfast when you’ve paid for the room that qualifies you for the breakfast, I am a pedant. The fact is that breakfast is included for everyone, all the time.

Plus, Hampton breakfasts are really quite good, including cereals, croissants, Full English (in England at least) and waffle makers. The orange juice machine remains a crime against humanity, but otherwise – excellent.

5 Guaranteed: clean, bright and modern open spaces

Many Hiltons have a distinct lack of communal space unless you are dining with them or have specifically booked business facilities. On the other hand, Hampton hotels seemingly go out of their way to offer nicely designed, comfortable communal areas in which you can meet people or conduct business without being compelled to eat or drink.

As a result, Hamptons can work extremely well not only for families but also as a business hotel, with space available for semi-formal meetings, wifi in these areas and even the business centre to process or print documents before or after.

So go on, ignore any budget prejudices you may have and next time make it a Hampton stay. Just avoid the orange juice.

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