Great Value BUSINESS Class Fares from Dublin to the USA – £1040 NYC, £1141 Miami, £1200 LA, Etc (Star Alliance + OneWorld)

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Just a quick heads-up that there is some very good Business Class fares from Dublin to the USA currently available.

I posted a few days ago with similar prices from Madrid/Barcelona on SkyTeam airlines Delta and KLM /Air France, but Dublin is even easier to get to from most parts of the UK and these fares are for Star Alliance and OneWorld airlines.

First up, United have some cracking fares to the West Coast in April / May, for example

Star Alliance partner, Ethiopian Airlines, flies a fifth freedom route between Dublin and Los Angeles direct too, with superb prices:

and excellent availability:

OneWorld picks up the gauntlet in the Summer months with fares like Dublin to Miami from £1,114:

flying either Iberia coded BA/AA metal, or Iberia metal via Madrid for slightly more:

Again, availability is superb:

Fares to San Francisco can be found for £1249. If you credited the OneWorld flights to BA Executive Club, with a bit of a creative routing you could potentially get enough Tier Points for Silver status (600 required) too!

As regards the East Coast, Dublin to New York is as little as £1,032 on American:

Bottom line

These are excellent Business Class prices, and Dublin is as cheap and easy for most people outside London to get to as Heathrow. The fact that there are both Star Alliance and OneWorld options available is good to see too, as is the variety of destinations and number of dates available.

I personally found the best way to find these particular fares was using a combination of Kayak and ITA Matrix, but some people love Google Flights etc.


  1. Stan says

    I am surprised Ethiopian are charging this, flew with them DUB-LAX return peak season and the flight was 1/3 full in economy and 1/5 full in business.

      • Stan says

        The flight arrived from Nairobi 30 minutes early but the boarding was delayed 30 min and no explanation was given.

        When I boarded no one checked the boarding pass and some guy was sitting in my seat 3A, the funny thing is even when I asked him to vacate the sea he just ignored me and pretended to go to sleep so I had to get the stewardess involved but she just offered that I pick a different seat so I kicked up a bit of a fuss and all or a sudden she shouted at him and he wobbled away to economy. The most hilarious thing is that the same thing happened to most other BIS PAX as they entered and some one was already in their seats.

        The entertainment was ok but they reloaded it 3 times so I did not finish a single movie. The seats were wide and comfortable but no amenities were provided even though I asked 3 times (They stated that just forgot).

        I got the feeling that most stewardesses (Very young) were just looking for a husband. It was so obvious painful that was somewhat intrusive, there were 7 BIS PAX; 2 couples, 2 single women and me , guess who got the most attention. Other PAX had to wait for 30+ minutes for flight attendants to respond to the call but I was approached every 5 minutes, they smiled and looked me straight in the eye while trying to find out as much as possible. I kid you not I had 7 flight attendants try this through out the flight multiple times each. A couple “accidentally” dropped something in the alley in front of me and spent 5 mins picking it up while being bent over with legs being held and shoulder width on the floor so that they can use all of their ASSets while picking whatever they dropped up (they did it one at a time 3 times through the flight). While taking orders they would hold my hand and again look me straight in the eyes. Just to add, I am not gay and am in my 20s but even for me this was too much.

        The food was bland but plentiful and looked ok.

        Overall I would give them 6/10 DUB-LAX and 7/10 LAX-DUB as that was a little better (or maybe I just looked worst and had a hangover so was not viewed as marriage material).

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