Singapore Airlines New First Class Suites to be Located on the Upper Deck – and Why You Might Care

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As reported by FlightMaestro (via Australian Business Traveller), it looks like Singapore Airlines new First Class Suites will be moving from the lower deck to the upper deck on new Airbus A380s.

This would (likely) create a completely ‘Premium’ upper deck of First Class and Business Class, with Economy and Premium Economy downstairs.

If that sounds a little reminiscent of the hoi polloi being kept below decks in Third Class on the ocean liners of old, don’t worry! – Singapore Airlines has a reputation for some of the best Economy and Premium Economy cabins in the sky and I don’t see that changing despite the change.

While a lot of the focus will obviously be on what the new First Class is going to be like (almost definitely amazing – but no showers), switching the cabins around will have an impact on Economy too.

Airbus has been encouraging airlines to adopt this ‘Upstairs/Downstairs’ layout for years, in order to use space more efficiently and therefore increase the number of Economy seats – because the lower deck is wider than the upper deck.

That would be bad, but I just can’t imagine Singapore Airlines thinking it would be a good idea (not least reputationally) to change from the current 3-4-3 layout in Economy to 3-5-3.

Current SIA A380 Economy downstairs layout

Unfortunately, I think this does spell the end of the upper deck 2-4-2 Economy layout, which must be one of the best ways for a couple to fly long-haul Economy.

About those new ‘Suites’…

Yeah, they’re going to be great.

Beyond that, and the fact that capacity is going to be reduced from 12 Suites to 6-8 Suites, we don’t really know very much yet. Full details are due within the next few months.

Singapore Airlines new First Class Suites will be brilliant, but the current Suites aren’t too shabby either!

I suspect we might see an Etihad-style 1-1 layout and a substantial increase in the size of the Suites.

Getting an award seat will be a tougher job, but should still be possible using Singapore Krisflyer Miles – if you persevere.

Why should I care?

Aviation geekery?

Penchant for snippets of mildly interesting (if ultimately useless) trivia?

Both excellent reasons, but I’ve got two better ones:

  1.  London must be one of the likeliest routes for the new planes, so hopefully we’ll all have the opportunity to check out the new cabins relatively soon. Before the end of the year, with a bit of luck.
  2. Singapore Airlines Krisflyer Miles are great (and seriously underrated). As a UK American Express Membership Rewards partner, it’s not too difficult to get a decent balance together either. The recent devaluation did sting, but the removal of surcharges makes Economy awards in particular more interesting than they used to be.

Bottom line

Singapore Airlines new First Class Suites is the product launch I’m most looking forward to this year.

I have some great memories from flying with Singapore Airlines when I was a kid, so do confess to a bit of a soft spot. Regardless, I think the new Suites are going to be incredible and I’m saving up my Krisflyer Miles already!

Anyone else planning to try out the new Singapore A380s?


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