American Express UK cardholders – check your spam folders for possible free points

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Calling all holders of American Express cards issued in the UK – check your spam folders! You might’ve received an email offering £30-£50 of free points for 2 minutes work….

The email you’re looking for should have a subject line containing we’re inviting you to apply and discover a great way to increase, along with your name.

Specifically, you’re looking for an email which invites you to add someone to your account as a Supplementary Card holder, which is free, to get free points.

For a British Airways Premium American Express card holder, you’ll get 3000 bonus avios for free. The email you should hunt for ought to look something like this:

Based on other reports online, we believe this is a targetted offer, so if you didn’t get the email, you’re not eligible for the bonus points, sorry. If you did, it’s free points if you add a Supplementary card to your account, which is also free (provided you haven’t already exceeded your limit of supplementary cards!)

If you did get the offer, the free points offers see to be:

The value of the bonus points seems to go roughly in line with the annual fee of your card, which probably makes some sort of sense to American Express. Still, if you’re targetted, for the few minutes it takes to log into your account and add your other half / parents / etc as a supplemental card holder, that’s not bad.

(You can keep their supplemental card safely in a draw somewhere, if you’re worried about them using it. Or, give it to them, and rack up the extra points from their spend)

To add the Supplementary card, log into your American Express online account, select the card that got the offer, then under Card Management pick Add someone to your account and fill out the form that comes up.

If you have a different offer, please let us know in the comments!


  1. Tom Sumner says

    I checked my SPAM folder. Nothing from BA Amex sadly, but on the plus-side it turns out I’ve inherited $10bn from the Nigerian royal family.

    • Adam says

      Strange you should say that Tom, Ive just been advised I’ve inherited 10m from an unknown African relative, must be our lucky day!

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