Hurrah! You Can Now Earn Cashback on Ryanair Flights

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Just when I thought my love affair with Ryanair couldn’t get any sweeter, I find out that you can now get Ryanair cashback on a large number of their flights.

Yes it’s wonderfully opaque in exactly how your cashback is calculated, but it’s cashback nonetheless, with up to 2.3% available on your Ryanair flights.

So how does Ryanair Cashback work?

Available on TopCashback, the Ryanair cashback options are grouped into 5 different flight types. Cashback then ranges from zero with “Group 1 Flights”, through to 2.3% with “Group 5 Flights”.

The specific groupings for the flights are available on this spreadsheet. Frankly, I can’t spot any obvious pattern to what constitutes a Group 1 Flight versus a Group 4 Flight etc, although distance may be loosely involved. Group 5 Flights however are specifically limited to any of the following:

  • Flight + Insurance
  • Flight + 2 x Additional Bags
  • Flight + Parking
  • Flight + Car Rental
  • Flight + Hotel

It’s not entirely clear, but I believe that any flight (including a Group 1 Flight ordinarily subject to zero cashback) becomes a Group 5 Flight when any of the above add-ons are included. That’s worth bearing in mind, as if you’re on a Group 1 Flight, the cost of two suitcases (etc) will suddenly lessen as you’ll go from earning no cashback to earning 2.3% on the entire flight booking.

My tip is basically this: go through TopCashback for all your Ryanair flights. You won’t earn cashback or other incentives anywhere else, so whether your flight tracks at zero or 2.3%, it’s all a bonus anyway.

Anything else?

Yes – if you’re new to TopCashback, we have two exclusive sign up bonuses for you. The first is 1050 free Avios, the second £10 free in hard cash.

Why are we saying nice things about Ryanair?

A good question – we’re well aware they’re not everyone’s cup of tea. However, we honestly believe that if used selectively and obediently, they are a fantastic “value travel tool”.

Despite what you’re all thinking, John Roberts does not hold any shares in Ryanair. 


  1. Joe Deeney says

    Despite having experienced the joys of a middle seat on a completely full Ryanair flight to Madrid recently, I completely agree. I tend to just fly with whichever airline is cheapest/most convenient when it comes to short hauls, so spend plenty of time on Ryanair (and the rest of the LCCs) and it’s fine. Not great (particularly when squashed into a middle seat!), but fine – and some of the prices are amazing these days.

    • Joe Deeney says

      Good question! – it was still working a few days ago, but I can’t find anything now. I’ll ask our contacts at TCB what the story is.

    • Tom Sumner says

      Yep – as swiftly as they came, Ryanair now pulled from TCB and Quidco. They may be back, we’ll let you know…

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