Norwegian Air Flash Sale!

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Just a quick heads-up that Norwegian Air is running a 3-hour flash sale this morning (8th February 2017) between 10am-1pm.

There is no real indication yet about which routes are going to be available, but prices start at £19.90 one-way from London Gatwick.

“From 10am to 1pm tomorrow, you will be given the chance of your life! We will put three great destinations on sale from the incredibly low price of £19.90* one way! Fly non-stop from London/Gatwick to a historic city, a sunny beach or a shopping haven.

Prepare yourself, set your reminders for tomorrow, check out our website from 10am for the big reveal, and grab your dream deal!”

I doubt we’ll be seeing any long haul flights available for under £20(!), but it is still possible there could be a great deal to the USA for ~£100 one-way perhaps. I mean, even without a ‘flash sale’ you can still find the odd date from Boston back to the UK in March/April for under £100:

and oneway outbound flights are regularly under £150.

I actually just flew back from New York with Norwegian and can say that although Economy on a busy night flight is never going to be great, it was a lot better than I was expecting.

Everything was modern, clean and well maintained, service was excellent, the inflight entertainment system was very good, food/drink were fairly priced, fresh and decent quality (eg. $9 for a large chicken + avocado salad).

I’m 6ft and could have done with an extra inch of legroom ideally, but my friend who is about 6ft 3 managed to get some sleep despite being stuck in the middle seat, so it wasn’t terrible.

For East Coast US flights (particularly daytime outbound flights from London) I can definitely recommend Norwegian – in fact, if flights are under £150 one-way I’d advise saving your Points/Miles for another time, even if you have plenty.

I’m not sure how I’d feel about being on a 12 hour flight back from the West Coast though – which is why we collect Miles, I suppose!

Bottom line

Hopefully the Norwegian Air flash sale will be worth the hype. If not, at least you now know that flying Norwegian for mid-haul flights is absolutely fine (I’m not totally convinced about flights over ~10 hours yet) and even the non-sale prices are great!

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