Crazy Qatar Business Class Sale – Extended Two Days

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We’ve been regularly flagging the various, sometimes quite remarkable Business Class bargains that have emerged in the Qatar Airways New Year sale or (“Travel Festival”, as they’ve slightly oddly labelled it).

qatar airways promo code

If you’ve not yet snared anything, the good news is that they’ve now extended these deals until the end of 18 February. Plus, via a Qatar Airways promotional code, you can make a good deal even better…

As ever, have a good old search around on the site, but the best deals are ex-EU rather than ex-UK (so you’ll need to take a “positioning flight“).  Some tempting deals we spotted are as follows:

(All Business Class, return.)

And from the UK…

Anything else?

Yes. There’s even more value to be found via a Visa promo running in parallel.

qatar airways promo code

You can also get up to  a further 15% off these prices if you use the Qatar Airways promo code ‘VISA’, and book your flights using a Visa card.


  1. James says

    Anything great to CMB Sri Lanka ??

    Anyone spotted anything else fantastic, perhaps not advertised ?

    Does the x4 QMiles still count in the extra 2days ??

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