Get up to ~ £32.50 to Spend on Travel (or Whatever You Like!) for Buying £25 of Groceries

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I haven’t had the chance to test this yet, but it should be possible to get £19.95 Quidco cashback on a £25 grocery shop at Asda online (for new Asda online customers).

I wrote a little earlier about the £13 (1,625 Avios) cashback that new Asda online customers can earn for a £25 spend via TopCashback. It reminded me of something I’ve meant to point out for a while now – that rival cashback site Quidco pledges not only to match TopCashback’s rate, but to pay double the difference on top.

The current Quidco cashback rate for a £25+ shop at Asda online is £6.05. The difference between that and the £13 TopCashback is offering is £6.95. Quidco say they will match TopCashback and double the difference – which means you should get £19.95 cashback in total on your £25 spend!


Note that the current Quidco rate is due to expire later today, so don’t wait if you want to take advantage.


This is for new Asda online grocery customers only (perfectly reasonable to get a family member at the same address to sign up though, if you already have an account).

Click through to Asda from Quidco here and make sure you sign up as a new Asda customer and spend at least £25.

Then, take a screenshot of of the Asda offer on TopCashback here (with the date and time in shot) and submit your request for higher cashback to Quidco here. Technically you have 72 hours to lodge a claim but I would strongly recommend doing it immediately – it only takes a minute.

ibis Styles London Heathrow Airport Exterior
ibis Styles London Heathrow Airport – often on Accor ‘Happy Mondays’ sale for £25

You said “up to ~ £32.50”?


If you don’t have a Quidco account yet, you can currently sign-up through this link and receive an additional £12.50 on top of the £19.95 = £32.45 in total.  This is the most generous Quidco sign-up bonus we can remember seeing and I’m not sure how long it’s likely to last.

Isn’t this a travel website?

Absolutely – I know Joe loves SPG Starpoints, but ultimately even the the most flexible form of Points/Miles ‘currency’ can’t match cash. I’ve mentioned before that I set aside my cashback into a ‘travel fund’ that allows me to take advantage of the best deals (whether purchasing Miles/Points or paying directly) when they come up, and I think it’s a great system.

BA Club Europe
British Airways Club Europe: Reward Flight Saver taxes/fees just £25 (+Avios of course!)

If you would rather have Avios than cash (and already have a Quidco account so won’t get the extra £12.50 bonus), for the sake of simplicity you might be better off going through TopCashback who effectively allow you to use cashback to purchase Avios at 0.8p each. There are good reasons not to automatically transfer cashback to Avios though, so the Quidco route will likely be the best option for most people.


Sign up to Quidco and click through to Asda here, spend £25+, lodge a ‘highest cashback guarantee claim’ with Quidco as explained above and you should get £32.45 in return if you’re a new Quidco member (or £19.95 if you aren’t).

£25 of free shopping and £7.45 ‘profit’ on top – not bad for a few minutes of clicking around!

Quidco highest cashback guarantee ts & cs:

  • An eligible purchase must first be made via Quidco before the Highest Cashback Guarantee is applied
  • The higher cashback rate must be identified within 72 hours of the member’s original purchase.
  • The higher cashback rate must originate from a UK cashback website. The Highest Cashback Guarantee is not applicable to cashback offered by product manufacturers (e.g. Canon) themselves.
  • The higher cashback rate must be listed on an alternate UK cashback website and be available to the greater public.
  • Proof of the higher cashback rate must be provided in the form of a URL which directs to the appropriate page on alternate UK cashback website.
  • The Highest Cashback Guarantee does not apply to offers made available by discount clubs/loyalty programmes whereby the user has to pay a monthly subscription fee to be a member, or benefits programmes that are only available to members of a certain criteria – e.g. employee benefit programmes.
  • The Highest Cashback Guarantee will only be applied to purchases made at retailers listed on Quidco.
  • The Highest Cashback Guarantee will not be applied to insurance and broadband purchases made through Quidco Compare.
  • Quidco reserves the right to reject claims if suitable proof cannot be supplied that a higher cashback rate was advertised on an alternate UK cashback website within the specified timeframe and according to our T&Cs.
  • Any increases will only be applied to the advertised rates and will not include “Top-Up” or “Bonus cashback” increases available on other UK cashback sites.
  • Quidco will double the difference of the cashback rate offered by a rival UK cashback site (for example if a rate of 8% is advertised by a retailer on Quidco and 10% is offered elsewhere by that same retailer with the same stipulations, Quidco will increase the cashback by 4%, thereby upping the total cashback rate to 12%)
  • Quidco’s ‘double the difference’ Highest Cashback Guarantee will be applied to all retailers aside from those in the following categories: travel, utilities, finance, insurance, telecoms, subscription services, gambling, bingo, casino, poker and sportsbook.
  • In the aforementioned categories a maximum 10% top up will be applied to retailer rates. In these cases we will beat the advertised cashback rate on a rival UK cashback site by 10% (for example, 10% will be increased to 11%)
  • A fair usage policy operates with regards to the maximum claim value and number of claims submitted by a member. Should a member exceed the fair usage policy, Quidco reserves the right not to apply the Highest Cashback Guarantee to those claims.
  • All information on the page correct as of November 23 2016 – 17:15



  1. Ian Macky says

    I gave this a go last night. You don’t get a confirmation email that they’ve received your guarantee claim, nor does it appear in your profile or support inbox.

    They are still showing £6.05 today.

  2. Ian Macky says

    Quidco accepted my claim. So about 2 days to get the response.

    I note that TCB have reduced their CB to £11.50, but that’s still £17.05 discount, assuming Quidco process the claim before the TCB expires. Might be nip’n’tuck as it expires in 2 days, and it’s the weekend.

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