Unbelievable Ryanair Sale Prices! – From £2.00!!!

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Ryanair are currently holding a slightly ridiculous sale (even by their standards!). It’s not quite the glory days of £1.00 flights perhaps, but £2.00 certainly isn’t bad!


What’s great about this sale is that there are at least some options from most UK airports and the range of destinations is genuinely excellent.

The cheap flights are for travel on Tuesdays and Wednesdays in November, and I would book as soon as you possibly can as availability isn’t likely to last very long.

To be honest there are actually too many options to go through them all in detail, so just to give you some ideas, a quick skyscanner search for RETURN flights from the UK to “everywhere” in November came up with the following following:


£4.00 for Return flights is unbelievable. With these sorts of sales, the normal tactic is to have really cheap outbound flights and normal prices for the inbound flights (or vice versa), so you end up paying considerably more than the headline rate.


Even if the £4.00 flights don’t suit your dates, there are lots of other good prices too. I spotted weekend flights to Faro (Algarve, Portugal) from Leeds Bradford in December, with good flight times, for £20.00 Return for example – which is considerably less than half what you’d normally expect to pay at that time of year.


The amount of traffic this sale has already generated is putting the Ryanair site under serious strain, so it’s slow going and and a bit wonky at the moment – but the prices are real and you can book if you persevere!

Good luck!


  1. Tom Sumner says

    I’m not sure if it’s due to over-use or a cunning ploy by Ryanair to get people searching the site in more detail, but the Fare Finder tool isn’t currently working for me. As you note, Skyscanner is an equally good option though.

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