3000 Miles for 9.99 Euros

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If you’ve ever tried to buy Lufthansa ‘Miles & More’ Miles you might think you’re out of luck because they don’t sell them directly. Fortunately, as I’ve mentioned before, there are lots of good opportunities to pick them up at a decent price by purchasing magazine subscriptions.

Until the end of October, there’s a particularly good offer that gets you 3,000 Miles for 9.99 Euros when you purchase a three month ‘digital pass’ to Handelsblatt (basically the German Financial Times).


If you want to brush up on your German or get an EU perspective on economic issues post-brexit then that’s an absolute steal – but I’m assuming most of us are in it purely for the Miles and 0.3p per Mile (0.333 Euro Cents) is a cracking price.

Note that your ‘Miles and More’ account is supposed to have a German address to get the bonus Miles (I’m sure you can come up with something suitable…).

Don’t forget that you can bag yourself 500 totally free M&M Miles just for signing up to the newsletter too.

There are some good uses for M&M Miles, not least the ability to book Lufthansa First Class more easily than with other Star Alliance Miles, and Half price Lufthansa Business Class through ‘Mileage Bargains’. If they don’t tickle your fancy though, what about a hot tub?

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  1. Jim says


    If my M&M account has a UK address, would I therefore need to change this in my account profile and THEN take out the Handlesblatt offer in order to get the bonus miles, do you think… OR would I simply need to list an alternative German address (e,g, museum, hotel) AS MY RESIDENTIAL ADDRESS when I sign up on the Handelsblatt website for the digital pass?


  2. AS says

    Hi Joe,

    I looked at this a while ago. I think you have missed one of the crucial points of this promotion). Bonus miles are only given if you carry on with membership beyond trial period, which makes this offer useless (unless of course if you were genuinely after this German business magazine subscription on a long term basis). Plenty of other ways of accuring miles and more points at the moment.

    • Joe Deeney says


      Yep, the terms were originally ambiguous (which is why I didn’t post about it sooner) but have since been clarified. As far as I can see, it should be absolutely fine now – but obv let me know if you spot something that doesn’t look right!

      Also, any tips on other good value ways to pick up M+M Miles (or any other!) always appreciated – is there anything particularly good at the moment?

  3. AS says

    Oh sorry, didn’t realise that terms and conditions have been modified. I’ll have another go at this. There is increased bonus on the UK credit card at the moment and amazing value staying at cheap Best Westerns (you probably know about these already). For most other deals, you really need a German bank account and address.
    I collecting these miles for US trip next year.

    • Joe Deeney says

      Cheers AS – I actually wrote about the Best Western offer at the time but had completely forgotten about how good it is!

  4. Andrew H says

    When I try and sign up for the offer, the payment method isn’t clear. One seems to be a bank transfer – which is expensive, being overseas – and the other one, I have no idea. It would be much simpler if they offered Paypal. Can anyone help?

    Having read the comments above, I’m still not clear whether you get the 3000 miles just for paying 9.99 and cancelling. Can someone clarify?

    And do I have to cancel my subscription if I decide not to continue after the three months?

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