3,000 Free Virgin Atlantic Flying Club Miles Just For Signing Up

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The Virgin Red app is offering 3,000 Free Virgin Atlantic Flying Club Miles just for signing up to Virgin Atlantic Flying Club via the app.

virgin 3,000 app miles

If you (or any family members) don’t already have a Flying Club account, now is definitely the time to sign up. 3,000 Miles is a significant incentive – worth about £25.00-30.00 to me.

You can download the Virgin Red app here, and you should see the Flying Club offer come up as you scroll through the current promotions (on the lower section). I say “should” because my offer keeps disappearing and reappearing, and I’ve heard similar reports from others too.

The offer was in the Virgin Red promo email this week, and doesn’t appear to be targeted, so if you have any problems seeing it I would recommend tweeting Virgin Red as they seem to be a responsive bunch, or you can find all their contact options here.

virgin red

3,000 Miles for signing up to a loyalty programme is a great bonus, and I think this is well worth persevering with even if you do hit some IT issues and have to send a quick email/tweet.

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