1,500-3,600 FREE Airline Miles / Hotel Points – With A Little Help From Hertz…

Simon Calder

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Last week I wrote about a superb promotion from car hire company Hertz and Accor Hotels offering 900 Hertz Points (enough for one day of free car hire in the UK) for everybody + elite status with Hertz for Accor Gold and Platinum members. Hertz doesn’t make it obvious (the website is terrible!), but Hertz Points can also be transferred to a range of airline and hotel partners  – so 900 free Hertz Points can mean a decent chunk of free Airline Miles / Hotel Points!

hertz accor

Rather than repeating how to get the free Hertz Points again, if you don’t have elite status with Accor read this post, and if you do, read this post.

Hertz transfer partners and transfer rates

hertz transfer partners

You need a minimum of 600 Hertz Points to make a transfer, and all redemptions must be in increments of 600.

Airline loyalty programmes

Air Canada: 600 Hertz Points = 500 Miles

Alaska Airlines: 600 Hertz Points = 500 Miles

American Airlines: 600 Hertz Points = 500 Miles

Delta: 600 Hertz Points = 500 Miles

Frontier: 600 Hertz Points = 500 Miles

Hawaiian: 600 Hertz Points = 500 Miles

Spirit: 600 Hertz Points = 500 Miles

United: 600 Hertz Points = 500 Miles

Southwest: 600 Hertz Points = 1200 Miles


Marriott: 600 Hertz Points = 1000 Points

IHG: 600 Hertz Points = 1000 Points

Accor: Honestly, I don’t know (did I mention that the Hertz website is terrible!?!)


Amtrak: 600 Hertz Points = 500 Points

CAA Dollars: 675 = 10 CAA Dollars

American AAdvantage

You said 1,500-3,200 free Airline Miles / Hotel Points?

I did.

Hertz allows free transfers between spouses/domestic partners, so simply get your significant other to sign up too and then call Hertz to request have the Points put into one account (Tel:  020 7026 0077 or 0870 8448 8444).

Now you should have 1,800 Hertz Points in one account, which can be transferred to 1,500 Miles in most programmes, 3,000 Marriott or IHG Points, or 3,600 Southwest Airlines ‘Rapid Rewards’ Points (worth about £40.00 off Southwest flights).

How do I transfer?

Good question, and it really is nowhere near as obvious as it should be!

First of all, login to your Hertz account

Click on “My Account” in the top right, and then “Use My Gold Plus Points” from the dropdown menu.

You should then see a screen like the image below, and you need to click on the tiny blue link at the top right that says “Frequent Traveler” (I’ve highlighted it in a splodge of yellow below).

hertz transfer points

You then just fill in the form like the one below. It’s simple once you know how, but finding it was a nightmare!

hertz transfer


1,500-3,600 free airline Miles / Hotel Points obviously isn’t life changing, but collecting small amounts regularly really can build up.

I particularly like the ability to transfer to Alaska Mileage Plan and United Mileage Plus, because they both have some amazing sweetspots on their award charts, and the Miles are relatively difficult to rack up from the UK.


    • Joe Deeney says

      Cheers Adam!

      As regards Hertz Points counting as elite qualifying I’m not totally sure, but I don’t think they do (~ 80% sure).

  1. Adam says

    Any update from contact with their CS? I contacted them but no reply using both cs email addresses as no points posted?

    • Joe Deeney says

      Their CS seems a bit rubbish to be honest – if you don’t hear anything after a few days I would ring or maybe tweet/facebook them.

  2. Adam says

    Just received my official welcome to the hertz gold club email, checked my account but still zero points. Strangely, this afternoon i received an email from them via FB to email again.

  3. Scottydogg says

    I have tried this , no free points credited , emailed them twice and no reply , phoned them this morning and the woman in CS was pretty useless , said she didn’t know anything about the Accord deal or the bonus points . She ‘guessed’ that maybe they would credit after the first booking (I wont be booking with them ever) . She gave me 2 other email addresses to ‘try’ , apparently there is no actual phone line for Gold rewards customers service , everything has to be by email ?? hardly a gold service .
    I was planning on using that free day car hire and bolting on a few other days but due to this rubbish customer service I will just be transferring them out (if they ever credit) and then closing the account .
    I’d advise others to not bother with this

  4. Adam says

    Finally got my 900 points credited today. It took a FB message,two days later a reply to contact their CS email again,three days later an email to confirm the credit of the points.

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