Free Car Hire From Hertz Confirmed!

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Last week I wrote about a potentially great offer from car rental company Hertz and Accor Hotels that looked like it should result in at least one day’s free car hire.

hertz car

At the time of posting I was unable to 100% confirm whether the deal would actually work out as advertised because of some technical difficulties with the Hertz website, and because it does seem extremely generous. The rules of the offer were very clear though, so I was happy to post about it and 95% certain it would be honoured.

I can now confirm that the offer is being honoured in full, and that existing Hertz members can benefit too (which wasn’t known before).

To make sure you definitely get the 900 Hertz Points (enough for a one day rental in the UK), I would recommend following the instructions in the original post closely.

If you already have a Hertz account, just add the following Accor “CDP Number” to your Hertz profile: 826779.

hertz 5 star 2

Remember that if you have elite status with Accor you should use a different CDP number when signing up as you can get free ‘Five Star’ or ‘President’s Circle’ Hertz status as well as the Points – full details here.

I doubt Hertz will have sorted the technical issues that prevented the Points posting automatically, so you will probably still have to send them a quick email or ring them.

Free car hire for everyone (and free status on top for Accor elites) is an absolutely cracking deal, just in time for the Summer Holidays too!

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