How To Get £50.00 TopCashback (5,500 Tesco Clubcard Points / 13,200 Avios) Easily!

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wrote last night about how to get 500 Tesco Clubcard Points for joining TopCashback. Essentially all you have to do is sign up using my link before 9th May, and then earn at least £10.00 cashback.


I left that piece on a bit of a ‘cliffhanger’, promising to show you how to earn not just £10.00, but the full £50.00 of cashback that you are allowed to transfer to Tesco Clubcard each year.

If you want to know more about why you should transfer cashback to Tesco Clubcard you can read the details here, but the short version is that you can transfer Clubcard Points into British Airways Avios or Virgin Flying Club Miles at very favourable rates, or use them for a vast range of other travel-related benefits.

£50.00 Cashback 

I mentioned in last night’s piece that as well as everyday spend and good travel-related offers, insurance and utility companies sometimes offer great cashback deals on TopCashback, but what about if you don’t actually need to buy anything?

By far the best option is to take a look at what the online bookmakers are offering.

I don’t recommend the online casinos unless you know what you’re doing because there tends to be quite a lot of terms and conditions that makes actually getting the cashback tricky, but the ‘Sportsbook’ offers are generally quite simple.

At the time of writing, there is currently an offer with Betfair (for the next 3 days) that gets you £20.00 in cashback after opening an account, then depositing and betting £10.00.

Even if your bet loses (and you can choose something relatively ‘safe’ so you might well win!), you will still end up with at least £10.00 profit in cash terms.



Ladbrokes are offering an even more generous £30.00 cashback, so long as you are a new customer who deposits and bets £10.00 within 3 days of clicking through. That’s at least £20.00 profit in cash terms, even if you lose.

Add them together and you have your £50.00 cashback (£20.00 +£30.00) for a cost of, at most, £20.00 – so £30.00 cash profit.

In reality though the value of the above is substantially more than the cash profit, because you can transfer the £50.00 cashback into 5,000 Tesco Clubcard Points, which are worth at least £100.00 even if you aren’t interested in Avios or Virgin FC Miles.

Earning more than £10.00 cashback will also trigger the 500 Bonus Clubcard Points you get for signing up before 9th May, so really you’re looking at 5,500 Clubcard Points, which are worth at least £110.00 (or 13,200 Avios/13,750 Virgin FC Miles), in exchange for £20.00 (and that’s assuming you lose both your bets – which would be unlucky, statistically speaking).Ladbrokes

To access the deals above, just type “Betfair” or “Ladbrokes” into the TopCashback search bar after you have signed up and then click on the “Sportsbook” buttons. Sign up, deposit £10.00 and make a £10.00 bet, and that’s all there is to it!

Just go back to TopCashback and do exactly the same for Ladbrokes if you’ve just done Betfair or vice versa.

As with anything to do with cashback sites, make sure you follow the instructions here to make sure that your cashback tracks properly!

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