4,000 Clubcard Points (9,600 Avios!) for £10.00-15.00! Reminder

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As I’ve explained before, it might sound slightly odd but collecting Tesco Clubcard Points is a great way to start travelling better for less!


Until the end of the month, Tesco are offering a fantastic promotion on Pet Insurance, where you receive 4,000 Clubcard Points for taking out a policy (Bear with me…).

The only conditions to note are:

  • You must select a “Premium” or “Extra” policy
  • You must enter the code “TOPPET” on your form
  • You cannot go through a price comparison or cashback portal
  • Bonus Points can only be earned once per household
  • You must keep the policy for at least 3o days.
  • Offer ends 1 March 2016

If you do not need the insurance, and therefore don’t intend to ever claim on the policy, select the highest excess to make the monthly payments as low as possible.

This is an extremely generous offer.

“Extra” insurance for a cat (in most parts of the country) seems to be about £4.00-£8.00 per month, and you only have to make two payments to fulfil the 30 days rule. This means that you are essentially buying 4,000 Tesco Points for about £10-£15.

Tesco Points have a face value of 1 pence per Point if used in store, so 4,000 are worth at least £40.00, even if you just use them for your shopping.

The real value from Clubcard Points though, comes from redeeming them through Clubcard partners.

When it comes to travel partners there are plenty of options,  but transferring to British Airways Avios or Virgin Flying Club Miles are two of the best.

Each Clubcard Point transfers into 2.4 Avios, or 2.5 Virgin Miles. This means that the 4,000 Clubcard Points would get you 9,600 Avios or 10,000 Virgin Miles!

I tend to think of Avios and Virgin Miles as both being worth about 1 pence each, so you are getting ~ £100 of value from your £10-£15 expense, even if you don’t need the insurance! Just remember to cancel the policy once you’ve got the Points.

If you aren’t interested in frequent flyer Miles, remember that you can still easily get £80.00 of value from 4,000 Clubcard Points by using them for train tickets through Redspottedhanky, or simply waiting for the next “Double Up” promotion from Tesco.

The offer finishes at the end of February, so don’t miss out!

Keep up to date with all the latest bonus Clubcard Point offers and say hi over on the Clubcard forum!


  1. Andrew H says

    To anyone who is on the fence, I recommend this having just got my points last week. You will not find a cheaper way of getting 4000 clubcard points. I paid a total of £9.78. It’s money for old rope!

  2. Andrew H says

    Purchased on 6th January. First payment (£4.89) taken 21st January. Second payment (same) taken 8th February. Points posted 18th February. Policy cancelled over the phone 19th February.

    So just under six weeks.

  3. Crouching_HIppo says

    Just bought a policy for £4.41 a month, so after 2 payments have been taken to cover the 30 day period, I’ll check my Clubcard account (although I wasn’t asked for my Clubcard number at any point during the quote and while buying the policy) and then cancel the policy.

  4. Crouching_Hippo says

    4,000 points added to my account today. Not bad for £8.81! Now to convert them to Avios… 🙂

  5. Dr. Pippa Elliot says

    Well heck, if you were on the fence before about getting pet insurance, here’s a perfect “excuse” to finally make the jump! Looks like pretty much a no-brainer to me 🙂

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