Use the Virgin Red app? Tell it your Flying Club details from today!

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    For those of you who use the Virgin Red phone/tablet app (details in this forum post on why you might want to), from today you can now tell the app your Flying Club number to "verify" your connection with Virgin Atlantic. That will then earn you an automatic 250 "Virgin Red points" (note - not Virgin Atlantic points, sorry!) each month. If you also tell it about your Virgin Trains (west coast) account, that's another 250

    While you won't necessarily get anything from that, it will mean that half the "vaults" (offers/competitions/deals) in the app will be automatically unlocked each month. Past competitions have included large numbers of Virgin Atlantic miles, so that's now much easier to enter. It'll also mean you should be able to get their Virgin Trains offers/deals a lot more easily, when they're around.

    So, if you use the Virgin Red app, update the app to at least the 25th of January 2016 release, go into your profile, hit the new "My Virgin" button, tell it you flying club number, and from Feb enjoy a much easier time of getting their Virgin deals!
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