Virgin Red app for Android and iOS (iPhone/iPad) - Virgin travel discounts + giveaways

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    I believe that the (free) Virgin Red app for Android and iOS has been around a little while, but over the last few months it seems to have become more of use for travellers. If you haven't installed it yet, it's worth doing now, and especially if you use Virgin services.

    For Android, you can find it in the Google play store here

    For iOS, it's here in iTunes

    Right this second, there aren't any Travel related offers. However, they have previously had Virgin Trains cheap first class upgrade vouchers, special links to Virgin Trains sales and the like. They do have Caffe Nero 2-for-1 vouchers though, handy for a decent coffee before a train trip!

    A big thing about the app is the competitions. A handful are free to enter, most need a certain number of points first. You can get 25 points from doing the daily quiz, 50 from the weekly photo/text challenge, and 25 a day for "sharing" something (which can be by email to yourself!). One big change that came today though is the ability to "verify" your use of a handful of Virgin companies, for bonus points each month. If you give them your Virgin Atlantic flying club number, and the email you use with Virgin Trains West Coast, that'll get you 500 free points a month, which is enough for most of their competitions with no extra effort! It's also more than enough to "unlock" all the Virgin Trains offers I've seen last year.

    Competitions wise - it's very much worth entering, as the odds are much better than you'd think. Since joining in the summer, I've had some tea, a book on Virgin / Branson, and today a ~£10 bottle of wine from their December giveaway turned up :)

    Odds might shrink a bit now that everyone can get 500 free Virgin Red (note - not Virgin Atlantic or other, it's app only) points a month, so it'll be easier for more people to enter, but hopefully still quite good chances

    Install it, link your accounts, and have a look about once a week for their offers. Some are rubbish, but they've good ones too fairly often too!

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