13 November attacks in Paris

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    It appears that after the tragic events of last night, which appear to see at least 120 people dead and more than 200 injured, led to the closure of France's borders.

    However, this appears to have been lifted early this morning and both BA and Eurostar are expecting services to operate as normal today.

    Are asking people to check-in early and are offering free changes to people who should not wish to travel to Paris today.

    British Airways
    Are asking people to allow additional time for enhanced security checks at the airport, imposed at the request of the French Government.

    Air France
    As allowing passengers to change their tickets until 22 November at no charge. If you wish to cancel they will refund, even unrefunable tickets, with an AF voucher.

    The BBC is reporting that many museums and sites will be closed today in case you are in Paris.

    My thoughts are with the people of Paris today. Waking up to this tragic news is heart breaking.
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    Salute to the people of Paris. They have big heart and they showed a great gesture at that heart breaking news.

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