A Simple Tip That Can Triple The Amount Of Cashback You Receive…

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We have long sung the praises of cashback sites here on InsideFlyer. If you are a frequent online shopper (and/or travel booker!) you can easily get £100s back each year, simply by taking five seconds to click through from a cashback site each time you buy something.

Different cashback sites sometimes offer different cashback rates though, and you want to make sure you get the best possible deal. For example, here in the UK, the main cashback sites are TopCashback and Quidco, and at the time of writing TopCashback is offering a 3% rebate on IHG hotel bookings:

Whereas Quidco is currently offering 6% (I should point out that in general TopCashback actually usually offers better rates and does promise to match Quidco if you put a claim in):

Both sites are great, but they aren’t your only options…

The USA version of TopCashback is offering 9% back on IHG hotel bookings right now:

It’s absolutely fine to have both a UK and a USA TopCashback account. Signing up to the USA version is easy – just make sure you click on “United States” if the following image pops up when you try to sign up:

In fact, you’ll even get a $10 sign up bonus (payable after you have earned $10 in standard cashback) if you use a referral link like this one. Accessing your money is simple too, because you can just transfer it straight to PayPal!

Bottom line

The IHG hotels scenario above isn’t a rare or obscure example. Cashback rates (particularly for travel companies) vary a lot between different sites, so it pays to quickly check a few of the main ones before making an expensive purchase. 3% cashback is nice, but 9% is obviously a lot better!

Sign up to TopCashback USA here to increase your cashback options!

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