Did You Know You Can Get A Train Ticket Refund Even On Standard Bookings? Here’s How…

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I recently had to cancel a number of (theoretically non-refundable) UK train bookings at the last minute for personal reasons and noticed there was an online cancellation option. I almost didn’t bother clicking through, as I assumed I wouldn’t be eligible for a refund, or that the process would be incredibly complicated. Fortunately, I was wrong…

I simply spent a few minutes filling in the cancellation form and within a week had ALL my tickets refunded as vouchers for future travel – even the tickets not on an LNER train.

This totally unexpected example of good customer service made me do a little research into what other train companies/booking platforms offer. I discovered that National Rail operates a “Book with Confidence” scheme which LNER must be part of. As long as you claim by 6pm the day before departure, you will be issued with a full refund in e-travel vouchers.

The scheme appears to operate on a rolling end-of-month cut-off basis, with the current cut off showing as 30th November. When I cancelled my tickets in October, cut-off was 31st October.

National Rail does point out that not all companies are part of their “Book with Confidence” scheme but (weirdly) doesn’t list which is and which aren’t, as far as I could see.

Bottom line

When things go wrong with travel arrangements, it’s annoying to say the least, so it was refreshing to deal with a company and a scheme that genuinely helped.

Have you benefited from this scheme before? I’d like to hear anyone else’s experiences with other train booking platforms, so we can get a clearer picture of who is in and who is out of this scheme.

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