Hilton Honors Plans To ‘Offer’ Paid Advance Upgrades To Gold & Diamond Members

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One of the promised benefits of elite status is room upgrades. In the US, Hilton Honors is one of the stingiest hotel chains for room upgrades – understandable since anybody can become a top tier Diamond member by signing up for a credit card there. But the promise still remains… and in much of the world, elite status with Hilton Honors can still result in a decent room upgrade.

It seems that Hilton Honors has now decided to trash that “promise” with its latest changes. Gold and Diamond members who check in online will be offered paid room upgrades. This extends a strategy that is already in place for Silver and non-elite members.

The problem? Those room upgrades are really supposed to be complimentary. But hotels are now being told that they can (and should) attempt to increase their revenue by tempting elite members into paying for their upgrades.

If this involves upselling to a suite for a modest fee – a suite that might not have been given as a complimentary upgrade – then this change might be positive for elite members. But a more likely result is an attempted ~£20 upcharge for a “premium” room that should have already been pre-allocated to the elite member.

Bottom Line

There are few things that bother me more than a front desk clerk attempting to upsell me (as a top tier elite member) a room that I should be receiving as a complimentary upgrade.

But rather than a few rogue agents who care more for their commissions than the elite treatment handbook, this policy is now being formalised by Hilton Honors.

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  1. John browell says

    Having had Diamond for several years, initially due to this site prompting me into a status challenge,and kept mainly due to Covid extensions, and experienced some great suite upgrades when I travelled in UK with work, I will miss them.
    But have just blown all my stash on a family trip to NYC Conrad Downtown, and will lose Diamond at renewal anyway, so less of an issue for me.

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