What Do You Think About Wizz Air Restarting Flights To Russia?

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Fast growing low-cost carrier Wizz Air recently announced its intention to restart flights to Russia, despite the ongoing attempted invasion of Ukraine.

The Hungarian airline will dodge EU sanctions by using an Abu Dhabi based subsidiary to fly between the UAE and Moscow, with flights set to recommence from October.

What is Wizz Air thinking?

Honestly, I’ve no idea. The reputational damage must surely outweigh any short term commercial considerations. For what it’s worth, Wizz Air put out the following statement explaining the decision:

“Wizz Air Abu Dhabi is a national UAE carrier that operates in line with the UAE’s national regulations and policies. The airline is resuming its operation to Moscow to meet travel demand for passengers wishing to fly to and from Russia from the UAE capital. All UAE national airlines are currently operating direct flights to Russia.”
Putting aside the ethical issues for a moment, just because a business can legally do something does not mean that it is a sensible plan. Earning a few Roubles (and it won’t be much more than that) makes almost no difference to an airline the size of Wizz Air. Compare that to the sort of sums that airlines put towards marketing/PR and it seems a pretty baffling decision…

Bottom line

Perhaps I’ve called this wrong and many people won’t actually notice or care, but I’m still surprised to see Wizz take the risk.

What do you think about Wizz Air restarting flights to Russia? 


  1. David Blake says

    Agree with you that the reputational damage could be significant. There will always be companies that push the rules or ignore what is morally right. Also Wizz Air is from Hungary and the Hungarian Prime Minister has a “flexible” attitude towards Putin. I would never book a flight with Wizz Air.

  2. Stan says

    The honest truth is people who use budget airlines like wizzair could not care less about this. People somehow expect poor to have moral standards while freezing to death and struggling to buy food, they will always go for the cheapest option any way so not much custom lost there. On top of this most countries/people outside EU/US dont give a sh** about this just like we don’t care about the millions dying in other wars around the world every year. Not a popular opinion in the top 10%, I know lol

  3. British Hypocrite says

    When the UK (once a proud empire, these days just another US satellite along the likes of Romania or Latvia) invaded Iraq, Libya, Syria or former Yugoslavia, was it morally right to boycott British Airways? What was the reputational damage of doing business with Britain back then? Why nobody was concerned? Especially, such hypocritical nations like Finland who are neutral on paper?

  4. Joey London says

    Bear in mind, this airline is based in a country where the people voted in Viktor Orbán as their Prime Minister.

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