Here Is My Hotel Elite Status Strategy for 2022 – What Are You Planning?

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2022 might see a return to a more normal travel environment… or Omicron might merely be the latest of many COVID variants that will restrict travel. The major hotel chains are certainly taking a “wait and see” approach, as only Hilton Honors has announced a reduction in the requirements for earning/renewing elite status in 2022.

With so much uncertainty about our ability to travel – and whether we will be surprised in the autumn with more elite status extensions or target relaxations – I must nonetheless start off 2022 with an idea of the hotel chain elite statuses I will focus on.

Hyatt Globalist

World of Hyatt’s Globalist status is definitely my favourite – click here to read why.

Hyatt did NOT extend elite status in 2021, nor have they made an announcement regarding 2022’s requirements. As a result, Hyatt members must target 60 elite nights in 2022 if they want to earn or renew Globalist status.

60 nights = 2 months spent in a Hyatt hotel! (or 5 nights per month, which sounds easier, but isn’t…). I doubt that this will be possible for me in 2022. 🙁

If 2022 is the last year for me as a Globalist, I will still want to take advantage of my Globalist benefits as much as possible. And who knows… maybe I won’t need 60 elite nights after all…

Hilton Honors Diamond

I’ve only recently “returned” to Hilton Honors Diamond status. I made the decision based on Hilton’s generous “rollover night” offer and reduced qualification levels.

In 2022, Hilton Honors members will need 42 nights to earn/renew Diamond status. Since I managed 30 nights in 2021 and all of those nights will roll over to 2022, I only need 12 nights to renew my Diamond status.

I might take advantage of Hilton’s 2,500 point per stay promotion to pick up some elite nights this winter with cheap one-night stays using points or cash. Or I might wait to see if a good opportunity for a 5th night free award stay comes along…

No matter how or when… I will undoubtedly spend 12 or more nights at Hilton Honors hotels in 2022.

Lifetime Status

Marriott Platinum

Every time that I have looked at the differences between Titanium and Platinum status with Marriott Bonvoy, I have decided that Platinum status is perfectly acceptable. Normally I would place a higher priority on maintaining Marriott’s Platinum status, especially since I have 9 of the 10 years needed for Lifetime Platinum status.

But standards are slipping fast with Marriott. The introduction of dynamic pricing is likely to be a substantial devaluation. And finally, Marriott’s status extension in 2021 wasn’t handled well.

As a result, spending 50 nights at a Marriott hotel in 2022 isn’t all that appealing at the moment. Perhaps Marriott will hand out complimentary elite nights again, or even extend status as a last-ditch measure. But if they don’t, I’d rather let my Platinum status lapse and see whether I can complete the requirements for Lifetime Platinum at some point in the future. After all, if people don’t vote with their wallets, Marriott will continue to be incentivizsed to treat its Bonvoy members with disdain…

IHG Platinum

Guaranteed elite benefits with IHG Rewards are weak (though some members have better luck than others). So there is really no reason for me to focus on earning IHG status, nor to spend too many nights each year at an IHG hotel.

However, Platinum status can be valuable on certain occasions. And Platinum status can always be bought by spending $200 on Intercontinental Ambassador status.

Bottom Line

The only elite status I am nearly guaranteed to renew in 2022 is Hilton Honors Diamond status. Even though I wouldn’t be happy to rely on Hilton as my only elite status, Hyatt and Marriott might not give me any other choice. In any event, I will continue staying at Hyatt hotels as much as possible and wait to see what develops in 2022…

How about you? What are you targeting in 2022? Let us know in the comments section…

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