Prime Minister To Give Update On Holidays Tomorrow – What Is He Likely To Say?

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It has been widely briefed over the weekend that the Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, will make a number of announcements relating to COVID-19 policy tomorrow. Of particular interest to InsideFlyer UK readers is the news that the announcements will include an update on foreign travel advice, with the likely introduction of a ‘traffic light’ system.

The general idea seems to be that countries will be labelled as Green, Amber, or Red, depending on their rates of infection and their vaccination progress. It hasn’t been officially confirmed yet, but The Sun (yes I know it’s The Sun, however Political Editor Harry Cole et al actually have great contacts) reports the following details:

“GREEN: Anyone returning from these countries must take a pre-flight lateral flow test at their own cost, then take a “sequencing test” within days of landing to check for new strains.

AMBER: Like green, but those entering the UK must isolate at home for ten days after arrival. They can get out after five days with a negative test paid for privately.

RED: Arrivals must isolate on their return in an authorised hotel at their own cost — as they do currently.”

I would expect the confirmed details to look very similar to the above.

Based on current trends, it seems likely that the US, UAE and Israel will be on the initial Green List. When most European countries get moved from Amber/Red to Green will primarily depend on how quickly the vaccination programmes are ramped up.

Bottom line

It will be great to get some more clarity on the plans for foreign travel. Do remember though that the very earliest that the new measures will come into force is 17th May 2021 – and it’s quite possible that date will be pushed back further.

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