Save Up To £40 On Your ‘Staycation’ This Summer By Signing Up To Airbnb Now

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It looks like foreign travel might still be quite some time away, but following the Government’s recent ‘road map’ announcement, there are very good reasons to think that 2021 could be the perfect year to enjoy the Great British summer in all its (occasionally sunny!) glory. This is especially true for self-catering accommodation, which is able to open up sooner than hotels.

There are, of course, many excellent websites and agencies for booking self-catering accommodation here in the UK, but for sheer scale at least, it’s hard to avoid Airbnb for long.

If you are going to book something through Airbnb, you might as well save some money on it! Join Airbnb using this link here and you will receive up to £40 off your first stay.

Airbnb has also branched out into offering ‘experiences’ as well as accommodation and is giving new members an additional £10 off an experience costing £40+ when you sign up using the link above. If you take advantage of both promotions, you can save up to £50 off your first trip.

How the coupons work

Get up to £40 off a stay

Your coupon amount depends on the cost of the stay, excluding taxes and guest fees:

Spend £200, get £10
Spend £400, get £20
Spend £600, get £30
Spend £800 or more, get £40

Get £10 off an experience
You’ll get £10 off when you book your first experience of £40 or more.
Your coupon will be automatically applied to your first qualifying reservation. A qualifying reservation must meet a minimum value, before any taxes or fees.

What is Airbnb?

Airbnb is essentially a platform that allows people to rent out holiday rentals from other members directly, rather than through an agency. Most people focus on short-term holiday/tourist lets, but the scale of Airbnb these days means it covers pretty much anything you can think of.

If you’re looking for a place to stay in a location that’s a bit off the beaten track, or want to stay in a particular neighbourhood, Airbnb can make the process a lot simpler than it otherwise might be.

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During the COVID-19 pandemic, many travellers naturally feel more comfortable booking a private house/apartment rather than a hotel. Airbnb has a detailed COVID-19 resource centre for both guests and owners that you can take a look at here.

Bottom line

Even in ‘normal’ times, being able to book a whole apartment/house/boat/villa is a great option to have. Being able to go to just one site and flick through a massive range of different options is fantastic.

Airbnb isn’t perfect and certainly isn’t always the best option, but it is a useful extra string to the bow of the savvy traveller.

If you fancy giving Airbnb a try, don’t forget to get your sign up bonus by using this link here.

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