(Confirmed) Entering The Netherlands Is Going To Be More Difficult For Brits Post-Brexit

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UK passport holders will not be able to make use of the self service passport control (SSPC) facilities at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol from 1 January 2021. InsideFlyer UK’s Dutch sister-site has confirmed this change with the Netherlands’ Ministry for Justice and Security. Post-Brexit, UK citizens are considered ‘third-country nationals’. As a result, travellers holding a UK passport will have to queue up for regular passport control, in the ‘All Passports’ lane.

Faster border passage with the Registered Traveller Programme NL (RTP-NL)

Upon arrival, regardless of whether the final destination is the Netherlands or when formally entering the Schengen-zone in Amsterdam on a transit to another European country, UK passport holders will not be able to automatically use the SSPC facilities. However, the Dutch immigration police, government authorities and Schiphol Airport have been working on a trusted traveller scheme called the ‘Registered Traveller Programme NL (RTP-NL)’.

Under this scheme, certain third-country nationals, such as citizens from the US, Canada, Australia and Japan, can register their passport upon arrival free of charge. After verification of their travel documents and a quick background check, these travellers will be able to use the SSPC e-gates on both arrival and departure.

RTP-NL is not operational yet. According to the latest information, it is expected that the trusted traveller programme will go live ‘early 2021’. A spokesperson of the Dutch Ministry for Justice and Security confirmed to InsideFlyer NL that UK passport holders will also be able to enrol in RTP-NL.


  1. Mark Walker says

    Is there anything to stop UK passport holders flying to France and then driving across the border into the Netherlands? Seems strange that they would take this approach without their Schengen agreement partners.

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