Save Up To 12% With The Qatar Airways Student Discount

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Qatar Airways follows competitor Emirates with a campaign that gives up to 12% discount to students.

With tight times continuing in aviation, airlines in the Middle East are seeking to attract a new customer group – students. Earlier this week, Emirates came up with an exclusive offer for students , and now Qatar Airways is responding with its own campaign. The promotion is for students between the ages of 18 and 30, and includes a discount on tickets, extra luggage and more flexibility.

You have to make a small effort to be able to take advantage of the offer. Before you order, you must request a promotional code on this website. You will also need to fill in some basic details like age, name of your place of study and the number of your international student ID.

At check-in, you must be able to present student ID or other documentation that confirms the information you provided when you received the promotion code.

Qatar Airways gives students a free discount of up to 12%

Up to 12% student discount

Once you have received the promotional code, you can order the ticket through this website with up to 12% student discount. You will also get a free change of ticket and 40 kg of checked luggage included.

You can book until November 10, for travel until July 31, 2021. Unlike at Emirates, the discount only applies to students and not to the student’s travel companion. As usual, the discount does not apply to taxes and fees.

Discount and additional baggage allowance are valid only on Qatar Airways operated flights from the UK to:

  • South East Asia,
  • Indian Subcontinent,
  • North Asia,
  • Australia and Oceania,
  • Africa.

You can find complete conditions for booking and an overview of the periods that are not covered by the promotion on this website .

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